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Special Session

On Tuesday, the Governor announced that he was calling an Extraordinary Legislative Session and limiting the discussion to a single RS of his design. This Extraordinary Legislative Session is being called under the guise of helping Idahoans deal with inflation levels which we have not seen in 40 years. If this were truly the case, why wouldn't the Governor be willing to entertain more broad-based tax reform, including grocery tax, gas tax, and skyrocketing property tax?

The Governor's draft legislation contains a small reduction in personal and corporate income taxes, which is likely positive, but it contains some very troubling elements as well. It calls for up to $500 million for a one-time tax rebate, but much of the money will go to people who paid little or no income tax in the first place. Logically speaking, you can't receive a rebate on taxes you didn't pay. At that point, it's not a rebate, it's a handout.

Another serious concern with the Governor's proposal is the ongoing allocation of $410 million annually to government schools and a newly-invented "in-demand careers fund". At a time when conservatives are learning the extent of the corruption, waste, and wokeism plaguing government schools, the Governor proposes rewarding them with a massive cash infusion with no strings or oversight attached.

In Idaho, we already spend a significant majority (62%) of our General Fund dollars on education, yet many of our students are not proficient in math and reading; some even require remedial instruction just to enter college. The legislature has an opportunity to insist on an accounting of any transfer of funds. They should appropriate funding and conduct an audit of the Department of Education. While they're at it, do the same with the Department of Health and Welfare. Nothing is more irresponsible than to send money to government agencies and school systems that can't show us a good ROI!

If the Idaho Legislature believes a massive spending increase on education is warranted, we should use those dollars to expand school choice, allowing the money to follow the students.

Redistributing wealth and pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into government schools with no strings attached is what we expect to see leftists doing in places like California and Oregon — not what should be happening in a supposedly conservative state like Idaho.

I discussed more about these issues on The Hoff Time Report podcast Tuesday evening. You can listen to it here.

Constituent Services

Recently, I met with a concerned constituent who is working to protect Idaho's children from accessing adult material through public Wi-Fi networks. Another constituent reached out regarding Idaho's ongoing need for focused criminal justice reform. When constituents contact me, I strive to offer useful advice and to point them toward the correct department or agency to continue their efforts.

I was also contacted by the chairman of the Ada County Republican Party regarding the upcoming Boise School Board elections that we have discussed in our last two newsletters. He wanted me to know that the county party has been very engaged regarding the election, seeking to increase awareness and turnout. They have interviewed candidates and are conducting door knocking in the district.

I want to offer my sincere gratitude to the members of the Ada County Central Committee and other conservative Idahoans for getting involved in this important election.

Don't forget that you can visit this link on our website to see a list of questions which may be used to vet candidates for school board.

Education Task Force

I recently had a meeting with my education task force where we discussed, among other things, the upcoming Boise School Board elections and the recent Meridian Library Board meeting where a large number of concerned Idahoans showed up to address highly sexualized material that is being made available to children.

Unfortunately, much like what is happening in some public schools, we are discovering that public libraries are not taking sufficient steps to keep inappropriate material out of the hands of children. This issue is one that must be addressed at both the state and local level.

On the national level, the Biden administration continues its battle against state laws passed to protect women's sports and the privacy and safety of girls and women in their school bathrooms and locker rooms.

Our Task Force has more in the works that we will be announcing soon.


Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin
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