A word from Jarrad...

Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read another edition of ‘The Creeping Gardener!’ WOWEEE…. what a massive response we had from our inaugural edition last month!!! We were completely humbled to have such great feedback on something we weren’t too sure would be worth our while! So thank you for your feedback, and if you ever want us to add a segment or touch on anything in particular, please contact me on and we will do our best to add it in!
Well, we’re over half way through winter now and boy are we looking forward to spring!! Whilst winter is a bit quieter than the other 3 seasons, and allows us to catch our breath for a minute, we have still been extremely busy, preparing lawns and gardens for the spring growth, pruning loads of fruit trees and roses, and our landscaping team have been flat out on loads of cool projects too!
In this month’s edition, you’ll get to know the ‘class clown’ Jakson a little more, we’ll teach you a different way to keep your lawns green through dormancy, meet another one of our amazing commercial partners and much much more! Have a brilliant month all and we’ll see you soon!

Whats going on at AHLG...

We’ve had a lot going on this last few weeks, with some really exciting projects being finished, starting off and in progress.
Our landscaping crew have started works at the prestigious Mt Lofty House, for their brand new 6-star ‘Sequoia’ development. It’s been tough going with the weather in what feels like arctic conditions, but the guys have made a cracking start and it will be an awesome experience to see it all come together! We can’t wait to start planting it all out in the near future.
Artwine Estate, another beautiful winery in the Adelaide Hills have put us on for a regular maintenance program now, so we are pumped to take that on and also see how much of a difference we can make! The views there are top notch and on our recent staff ‘knees-up’ we were lucky enough to sample most of their wines and the unreal food platters too!! It’s a must visit if you’re on the hunt for another spot to try! (The staff are extremely welcoming and helpful too!!)

Pete and Harry were talking one day. “My wife asked me to buy ORGANIC vegetables from the market garden.” Said Pete. “So were you able to find some?” Harry asked.

“Well, when I got to the market, I asked the gardener, ‘Have these vegetables been sprayed with any poisonous chemicals, they’re for my wife?’

The gardener answered: ‘no, you’ll have to do that yourself.’”

Meet the staff...

Jakson Mansell
AHLG Division:

Garden Maintenance
(Ride-on mower guru!)

Time spent with AHLG:

Coming up 2 years.

Previous occupation:

Station Hand.

Marital status:


Hobbies (other than gardening, obviously):

Footy, surfing, camping.

If you could swap jobs with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Mick Fanning – travels around the world finding new surf breaks for Rip Curl Surf.

Last book read:

Steve Irwin Life.

Favorite meal:


Biggest pest at AHLG and why:

James Graves… grows a better beard than me at 14 years old.

Favorite job on the tools:

Sherpa mower whilst the boys are slashing in shorts.

Best thing about working at AHLG:

The boys.

Partner profile...


We cannot recommend the guys at IRRIGATION PUMPS N MORE any higher!! Ben and the team bend over backwards to ensure we are providing our clients with not only the very best irrigation materials and parts, but also by designing job-specific irrigation systems, for us to make sure we are delivering the best solution for your irrigation needs and at the best price too! They’re based on Mount Barker Rd in Totness, in the Adelaide Hills. They are trade experts and are brilliant people to boot.

This month in your garden (August)...

Service your mower
Winter is a great time to give your mower and other garden machinery a once over as they aren’t being used as frequently as the warmer months. Book in a service with a reputable power equipment store now – winter is usually a quiet time for these stores so turnaround times won’t be long and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running (or mowing) for spring!
Take note of drainage issues in your garden.
Keep an eye out for areas that pool with water as well as where the water flows heavily during downpours. Pools of water can be damaging to plants and may indicate poor soil structure. Heavy water flows can cause damaging washouts over time. While it may be too cold, wet and muddy to justify any work now, have a think about options to help the problem. Struggling for ideas? Give us a call and organise a time for an inspection of your site!
Look out for stressed plants.
Winter is a tough time for many plants, frosty mornings can ‘burn’ leaves and seriously damage the plant. Also, excessive water in the soil can lead to various fungal diseases. If your plants are looking a little battered and bruised after last month’s heavy frosts and rain let us know and we can organise a regenerative care program to nurse them back to full health!

Products we love and recommend...

Special FeX Liquid Fertiliser

This liquid fertiliser is high in iron & manganese which is important for keeping plants lush in colour. Applied generally to turf the Liquid FeX improves the colour within 5-7 days & provides a quick growth hit at the same time. We use this product on our high-profile lawns during the winter months to get some colour & growth back. Especially useful prior to functions & events!

85% of plant life is found in the ocean!

Frequent Q&As...

Why is my lawn looking yellow?

The majority of lawns in SA are summer active species such as kikuyu, couch & buffalo. During winter theses lawns go into dormancy (low growth phase). Naturally this dormancy will reduce the amount of colour in the leaf. The recent heavy frosts, particularly in the hills, has ‘burnt’ a lot of turf; amplifying the yellow tinge. Don’t worry though, once the warmer weather returns your lawn will bounce back into life with lush deep green growth.

Why do plants go dormant?

Plants go into dormancy to preserve energy for better growing conditions. In these dormancy periods the plant will store energy away from exposed areas such as leaves. Hence trees drop their leaves & lawns lose their colour during the cold winter months. Dormancy can also occur in summer when the plant is lacking water or under heat stress.

New Machinery...

Miegel Engineering Trailer

We’ve just taken delivery of another new Miegel Engineering Trailer! This is our third trailer from Miegel’s and certainly won’t be the last. Fully customised to fit in all of our tools & materials, these trailers are built to withstand the everyday use (& abuse) that we give them. We’ve had cheaper alternatives in the past but nothing has been as rock solid as the Miegel trailers. We still have Jarrad’s original trailer out on the road today!

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