A word from Jarrad...

Hello readers/followers! I hope you had a brilliant October and are all set for one of my favorite months of the year – November! How on earth has that come around so quickly? Even more concerning, is that I heard my first Christmas carol last week…..!!!

Thank you once again to all of you who take the time to send a message or call us with any feedback about our newsletter – it’s so good to know that we are reaching so many people and even offering some sort of value too! Please continue to send through any requests of things you’d like to learn about or any questions etc too.

Whilst this past month or so has been one of our busiest to date, I get a feeling November and December are going to eclipse it, and by some margin… you’ll read why below!!

Please enjoy this month’s edition of The Creeping Gardener….one which has some awesome news to share with you, a chance to hear from our new admin ‘guru’, some important dates to take note of, a massive partnership announcement, and just some general stuff to cast your eye over!

Can’t wait to get stuck in to the ‘silly season’ even more!

See you soon, Jarrad

Christmas Break...

For the first time since we ‘opened our doors’, we will be closing down over the Christmas period this year. It tends to be a messy week or two when we do stay open, with many of our regular clients asking us to not visit, or to change days etc etc, so we think it’s best we all take a break, recharge the batteries and get set for another huge year ahead!
For any ‘emergencies’ relating to our works, you can still contact Jarrad on 0417 896 655. Please book in fast for any pre-Christmas lawn, garden, landscaping or tree work ASAP.

Joke of the month...

A guy drove his expensive car into a tree…
And found out how the mercedes bends!!!

New Phone Number...

We have reached the point where we now need a new ‘office’ number for all new enquiries etc. Don’t worry; you won’t go through to a call center in the Philippines or some other remote place, you’ll come straight through to our office, where Kylie will take your call and get you headed in the right direction.

Moving forward, please call us on:

1300 00 2454 (AHLG)

New Division - AHLG Trees...

We have been asked so many times over the years if we remove or prune large trees, if we grind tree stumps or even chip fallen branches, that we finally decided to make a change and be able to say ‘yes’.

We are absolutely stoked to bring to you a full range of tree services, all within the AHLG ‘banner’… AHLG ‘Trees’.

We have assembled an awesome crew, (who you’ll ‘meet’ in due course) and yes – we will have at least one fully qualified arborist as part of the team!

Whilst we are well aware of the importance of preserving and protecting the environment, and the place trees have in it, there are times when trees do need to be removed and provided we are happy with this reason - we will happily oblige.

As well as our landscaping team continuing to plant hundreds of trees and plants, a lot of which are natives, we will also commit to donating to ‘Trees For Life’ on a monthly basis.

Trees for Life, is a not for profit, community based organisation working with everyday people helping to restore the natural environment through revegetation and conservation since 1981. Trees for Life also raise funds to help protect wildlife habitat, work to re-establish biodiverse plantings on private land, provide revegetation, conservation and restoration services training for landholders and the broader community.

You too can donate by clicking this link:

Please see a list of some of our tree services:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree pruning/management
  • Fruit tree pruning/management
  • Stump removal
  • Elm leaf beetle treatment
  • Mulching/chipping
  • Fertilising
  • Storm damage control

Partnership Announcement...


Whilst we’re on the topic of trees, we are fortunate enough to be partnering with the most insane piece of machinery we have come across in all our time in the horticulture industry....the CRANESAW!! This bad boy really needs to be seen in action to be believed.

The custom built crane and grapple saw is mounted onto the back of a volvo truck and is controlled by remote control, allowing the user to remove limbs and trees without the need for climbing.

Meet the staff...

Josh Young
AHLG Division:


Time spent with AHLG:

1 week - helping set up the new division!

Previous occupation:

Active Trees - Operations Manager/WHS.

Marital status:

Girlfriend - Kelley

Hobbies (other than gardening, obviously):

Fishing, Spending time with Kelley, Camping.

If you could swap jobs with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Rodney Fox. I’m fascinated and intrigued by sharks!

Last book read:

1 Year Off.

Favorite meal:

Braised beef cheeks in a red wine sauce with garlic and chive mashed potato and a side of roasted carrots and parsnips. Cooked by yours truly, of course.

Biggest pest at AHLG and why:

Early days, but Brad is a mute.

Favorite job on the tools:


Best thing about working at AHLG:

Great banter!

Partner profile...


Matthew Ford, Liz Barter & the team at Finestream Capital have been our financial partners for the past two years. It is without question that Finestream have been a huge contributor to AHLG’s explosive growth during that period. Despite our complex corporate structure Finestream Capital make the whole process extremely simple - even for a couple of knockabout gardeners!

Finestream Capital’s dynamic team have developed a systemised approach to finance which has reduced the painful mountains of paperwork that typically comes along with anything financial. Not only do they source plant & equipment finance for busy business owners, they also provide home loans, investment home loans and personal loans as well as finance for things like boats, motorbikes, caravans, even aviation! We cannot speak higher of their service to date!

What the f...acts...

There are more microorganisms in one teaspoon of soil than there are people on earth.
This is great news as microbes are extremely important for keeping your soil full of nutrients!!

Elm Leaf Beettle Treatment...

One of our tree care/management procedures is the treatment of Elm Leaf Beetles. The treatment method we use is effective for 2-3 years and is carried out by our qualified arborist. It is the direct injection of insecticides and/or fungicides into the trunk of the tree, where it is then transported to the leaves, which are ingested by the beetles and larvae.

The ideal time of year for this treatment is late winter through to late spring. Contact the office on 1300 00 2454 to book your trees in for some treatment!

Machine of the Month ...

Bandit Chipper

Keeping with the ‘trees’ theme of this month’s newsletter, our machine of the month is our 15 inch Bandit Chipper. This beauty has been the choice of professionals for many years and we are looking forward to putting it through its paces in coming weeks. We always prefer to use the very best of equipment at AHLG and the Bandit Chipper is no exception!

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