On the Plate: Alberta Eggs
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Restaurant Spotlight: Dalla Tavola Zenari (Edmonton)
Chef Profile: Evan Howes (Wild Rose Brewery, Calgary)
Featured Recipe: Crisp Prosciutto and Parmesan Cloud Eggs
Meet an Egg Farmer: Dan & Bernadette Vandenborn (Busby)
Featured Partner: Egg Farmers of Alberta

On the Plate: Alberta Eggs

In Alberta, there are more than 170 egg farming families who raise over 2.5 million egg laying hens, who produce more than 65 million dozen eggs every year!  Egg farming families from across Alberta are proud to provide their fellow Albertans with fresh, affordable, nutritious, locally produced eggs. In Alberta, most eggs arrive on grocery store shelves within 7 days from when they were laid.

Most egg farmers sell their eggs to a grading station, where the eggs are washed, inspected, graded, weighed, and packaged. The graders – Burnbrae Farms and Sparks Eggs in Alberta – then sell eggs to grocery stores, restaurants, and food service providers.


Each large egg contains 6 grams of protein and 14 important nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, folate, iron and zinc. Eggs are considered to be a complete protein because they contain all 9 essential amino acids.  Decades of research have confirmed that dietary cholesterol (the cholesterol in food) does not affect blood cholesterol or increase heart disease risk. Eggs can be included every day as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Food Safety

Alberta egg farmers are committed to providing safe, fresh, local eggs. The backbone of this pillar is the national, mandatory on-farm food safety program called Start Clean – Stay Clean®. This pillar also encompasses producer training for and research & development related to various egg and food safety topics.

In Canada, you can trust that eggs are always free of added hormones and steroids. They are illegal in Canada and are not used in the Canadian egg industry.

Antibiotics are not routinely administered to laying hens because they are not required, and the Canadian egg industry has banned the use of Category-1 antibiotics. If there is a need to treat a specific illness in a
flock, antibiotics may be prescribed by a poultry veterinarian or used by a feed nutritionist. Eggs from those hens cannot be sold until after the withdrawal period.

Egg FAQs

Q: What is the difference between white eggs and brown eggs? 
: The only difference between white and brown eggs is the color of the hen that laid that laid them; white hens lay white eggs and brown hens lay brown eggs.  There is no nutritional difference between regular white and brown eggs.

Q: Why do some eggs have dark yolks and other have pale yolks? 
: Yolk color is entirely dependent on the type of feed the hens eat.  Wheat-based feed tends to produce lighter yolks, while corn-based feed tends to produce darker yolks. The yolk color does not affect the flavor, quality, or nutritional value of the eggs.

Q: How many eggs are produced in Canada each year?
 Every year, Canadian farming families produce over 9 billion eggs for Canadians to enjoy. Egg farming is a force in our national economy that directly affects Canada’s urban and rural communities.  It adds $1.3 Billion to Canada’s GDP, with $156 Million of that coming from Alberta.

Q: What animal care rules and/or regulations do egg farmers have to follow? 
: Alberta egg farmers must adhere to the national Animal Care Program, which is based on the Recommended Code of Practice, as a requirement for being licensed to produce eggs.  The Animal Care Program ensures that hens have a safe, healthy and comfortable living environment, by providing guidelines for space, water, feed, lighting, air circulation, hen handling and more.  On-farm compliance with the Animal Care Program is monitored via annual inspections by a trained team of field inspectors, and measures are taken immediately to address any departures from accepted industry practices.

Q: What is a pullet? 
: Pullet is a term for hens ranging from 1-day old chicks to 19-weeks of age, when they are ready to begin laying eggs.

Q: There are so many different eggs at the grocery store - how do I decide which ones to buy? 
A: All the eggs available at the grocery store are fresh, nutritious, and locally produced by farmers who adhere to mandatory on-farm food safety and animal care programs.  Other than eggs that are fed a special diet (ie: Omega-3 eggs), the nutritional content of all the eggs is the same.  Eggs are classified based on either the housing system the hens live in (ie: free-run and free-range), or the feed they are provided (ie: Omega-3 and vitamin enhanced).

Source: Egg Farmers of Alberta

Restaurants Canada calls on Canadians with a #DineInDoOver

Foodservice industry association rallies Canadians to dine-in at local restaurants and re-do the celebrations and milestones considered lost due to pandemic restrictions and closures.

TORONTO, March 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — This April, Canada’s leading voice for the foodservice industry, Restaurants Canada is asking businesses and consumers to participate in a #DineInDoOver. Serving as an industry revival effort, the campaign encourages consumers and businesses across Canada to come together at their favourite local restaurant, and ‘redo’ the moments, milestones and special events they’ve missed over the last two years.

#DineInDoOver is a nationwide movement that not only addresses the need to redo, or even do for the first time, the moments missed due to pandemic, but also supports the foodservice industry on its road to revival. By dining in to celebrate missed birthdays, team building events, promotions, engagements, anniversaries, holidays and more, Canadians can get back to benefiting from in-person communication and connection, while supporting the revival of an industry that has been devastated.

“Restaurants have long been a staple for our communities, a place to gather, connect and create memories,” says Roy Little, CEO, Restaurants Canada. “Unfortunately, the pandemic’s restrictions and closures have left restaurants struggling to re-establish their business, even as those restrictions are being lifted. COVID-19 has been devastating for an industry that depends deeply on the traffic and business from social gatherings, special occasions and events.” 

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Bits 'N Bites

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Alberta Food & Beverage Expo returns to Red Deer & Lethbridge
The Alberta Food and Beverage Expo is back this month, hitting Red Deer this Saturday at Westerner Park, and Lethbridge on April 9th at Exhibition Park. Sample hundreds of wines, beers, spirits from all around the world, amazing food samples from local restaurants, pubs and food suppliers.  Learn more...
Edmonton Downtown Dining Week runs to April 10
Treat your tastebuds to something exciting during Edmonton's Downtown Dining Week. Get great deals on multi-course meals at top downtown restaurants. From steakhouses to sushi shops, there’s always something for everyone. Visit #ABonthePlate alumni like The Marc, The Common, Say Uncle, and Dalla Tavola Zenari. #dineYEGDT
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First Ever Filipino Restaurant Month Across Canada

The Philippine Embassy joined Filipino restaurants throughout Canada for the official launch of the first ever Filipino Restaurant Month in the country. Canada's Filipino Restaurant Month is a chance for diners to explore the diverse culinary scene of the Philippines with participating restaurants across Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa.  Learn more...


10166 - 100A Street NW, Edmonton  |  780.540.8920  |

Developed by Elisa Zenari, Ran Huget, and Giancarlo Zenari, Dalla Tavola Zenari is a warm, authentically Italian atmosphere in the heart of downtown Edmonton. Surrounded by the lights of Rice Howard Way, Dalla is the perfect spot for friends and family to meet, eat, drink, and enjoy the good life.  Read more...

(Wild Rose Brewery, Calgary)

Chef Evan Howes was born and raised in Calgary. He got his first job cooking at the age of fifteen and graduated from SAIT’s Culinary Program in 2008. To explore the cooking field, he moved to Montreal and then on to Toronto. He has now been at the Wild Rose Brewery for 4 years, and was promoted to Chef in 2020.

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Crisp Prosciutto and Parmesan Cloud Eggs

Perfect for any time of day, these crisp prosciutto and parmesan cloud eggs are as beautiful as they are tasty. From the Egg Farmers of Alberta.  
Get the recipe


Meet Dan & Bernadette Vandenborn, third generation egg farmers near Busby, Alberta.  Learn more...


Egg Farmers of Alberta is a not-for-profit organization that was incorporated in 1968 for the purpose of providing effective promotion, control and the regulations of the marketing of eggs in Alberta. EFA is committed and proud to provide Albertans with fresh, locally produced eggs. Egg Farming is an integral part of Alberta’s agriculture sector.

Egg Farmers help feed Albertans and are a vital part of many rural communities throughout the province. Egg Farmers of Alberta represents the provinces more than 170 registered egg farming families, who are dedicated to providing Albertans with a stable supply of fresh, high quality, nutritious, locally produced eggs.

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