Canada's Agriculture Day 2023
On the Plate: Alberta Yak  |  Bits 'N Bites
Restaurant Spotlight: Kindred Food+Drink (Edmonton)
Chef Profile: Scott Redekopp (Yellow Door Bistro, Calgary)
Featured Recipe: Confit Chicken Breast with Dauphinoise Potato
Meet a Producer: Broken Tine Orchard (Beaverlodge)
Featured Partner: Tourism Calgary

Celebrate our amazing bounty on Canada's Agriculture Day

Canada’s Agriculture Day is back!
Last year, the entire ag industry celebrated across the country, shared our pride, opened doors to new food conversations, and trended nationally on Twitter. And we can’t wait to do it again in 2023. Join us on Wednesday, February 15th as we raise a fork to the food we love.

Canada’s Agriculture Day is a time to showcase all the amazing things happening in the industry and help people to see the connection to where their food comes from and the people who produce it. 
Here are just a few ways you can get involved:

  • Post a photo, make a video, or write a blog. Share what you’re doing on social media using the hashtag #CdnAgDay.
  • Encourage your friends to show-off their culinary talents using all-Canadian ingredients.
  • Teach someone something new about agriculture. Share your knowledge and story with others.
  • Attend a virtual farm tour.
  • Ask questions about agriculture and listen to farmers tell their story.

These ideas are only suggestions – come up with your own ways to share your passion for ag and inspire others to join the conversation. It’s all about celebrating Canadian agriculture and food in engaging, fun and respectful ways.  For more inspiration, visit

Join our community to engage in conversations about food and agriculture and get the word out on social media across Canada with #CdnAgDay.

Photo: The Stirling Grill & Lounge's Yak dish with Dauphinoise potato, caramelized peach, onion jam, sauce Lyonnaise and apple purée from Alberta on the Plate 2021.

On the Plate: Alberta Yak

What on earth is a yak, you ask?  If you scrolled below, the might give it away - it's a high-altitude bovine cousin of a cow!  Native to countries like Tibet, China, Mongolia and Nepal, the yak is distinguishable by their handlebar horns and long hair. While there is a large population that is domesticated (recent estimates are around 12 million), there is only a small amount of wild yaks remaining in the world, with some estimates as low as 10,000.  The population decline of wild yaks is attributed to humans, whether being hunted commercially, habitat loss, cross-breeding and disease.  

Yaks are quite stocky animals, with their size, dense undercoat, and broad hooves made to help walking through thick snow in the cold, icy mountainous regions of Central Asia.  Adults stand over 6 feet tall at the shoulder and can weigh over 1800 lbs, growing over 11 feet long.   

As one of the most important domestic animals in Tibet, the yak provides transport, meat, milk, fibre, and even dried dung (used as fuel).  Yak meat is ultra-lean (between 95-97% fat free), and low in cholesterol, saturated fats and calories, and is a great alternative to beef or bison.  Unlike beef, yaks develop their fat externally so the marbling that you find in beef is not present.

Fun Fact: Yaks can't moo like cows, so their scientific name is Bos Grunniens, which means "grunting ox".

Sources: International Yak Association, National Geographic, Highland Wildlife Park

Where to Find Alberta Yak

Yak is a niche livestock in Alberta, and currently there is no tally available for the quantity of farms in Alberta.  There are a few farms that appear to be leading the charge in the province, and yak is starting to appear in more retail stores and markets across the province.


Fleet Country Farms (Castor) produce ready to eat Yak Snacks like jerky and pepperoni, as well as a selection of meat products, wool products, and livestock.

The Alberta Yak Company (Sundre) is a collaboration between Little Loaves Farm & Thompson Small Farms so that they can raise their herd with more care and attention.

The Yak Ranch (Wildwood) specializes in breeding stock, meat products, and fibre sales. They have participated in Open Farm Days, so you can see them right at the farm!

West Gimlet Farms (north of Leslieville in Clearwater County) is home to a herd of approximately 450 yaks, growing from a beginning of just two.


Bits 'N Bites

Celebrate World Pulses Day on February 10th
World Pulses Day is a great opportunity to heighten public awareness of the nutritional benefits of eating pulses, which are the dry edible seeds of legumes including dry field peas, dry beans, lentils and chickpeas. There are over 6500 pulse growers in Alberta, growing over 976 million metric tonnes of pulses per year. Celebrate the mighty pulse with a delicious and nutritious dish!  Learn more...
Feed the Soul Dining Week
February 10 - 17

Join the inaugural Feed the Soul Dining Week in Edmonton, where Black-owned businesses open their doors and kitchens to showcase the delicious flavors of Jamaica, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Nigeria, Trinidad, and more!  Participating Black-owned businesses include restaurants like Sauce Modern Caribbean Cuisine, Graham’s Jerk House, Flava Café, Token Bitters and Mojo Jojo Pickles. Learn more...

Jasper's Beer & Spirits Festival
February 10 - 12

Escape the cold winter air and let us fill your mugs with some of the best locally crafted beer. There is no better way to kick off your weekend than becoming a beer expert in one of Canada’s largest National Parks. Enjoy the Grand Tasting Event featuring over 30 breweries and distilleries, or live it up in luxury with a VIP package at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.  Learn more...
Burger It Forward
February 1 - 28

Participating restaurants across Canada will be grilling up delicious beef burgers for food banks this February, including some of our amazing #ABonthePlate restaurants like Calcutta Cricket Club, The Clubhouse at Paradise Valley, Hawthorn, Highlevel Diner and more!  See all the participating restaurants and their beefy burgers.  Learn more...


10344 - 102 Street NW, Edmonton  |  780.784.8576  |

Located on the main floor of the JW Marriott Hotel in Edmonton’s ICE District, Kindred Food + Drink is a go-to destination for fresh and casual dining. Featuring a large, humming dining room, a breezy and contemporary design, and a sunny streetside patio, the vibe at Kindred is laid-back enough to meet friends for dinner and polished enough for a lunch meeting. Read more...

(Yellow Door Bistro, Calgary)

Chef Redekopp was raised in Saskatoon and developed his love for cooking when he travelled to Italy when he was sixteen.  Scott joined the Yellow Door Bistro team when it opened in 2013, where he not only launched an award-winning brunch program for Yellow Door, but he also introduced an ever-changing and innovative series of feature pancakes that attracted a fair amount of media acclaim including Food Network Canada.  Chef Redekopp won Calgary's Great Kitchen Party, and will be competing on Feb 3 & 4 at the Canadian Culinary Championship in Ottawa for national glory.  Keep reading...

Confit Chicken Breast with Dauphinoise Potato

Celebrate Canada's Agriculture Day with this incredible recipe from Chef Jesse Chambers of The Glens Grill in Wetaskiwin.  Featuring Alberta chicken, honey, cheese, and more - it's the perfect meal to celebrate the bounty from our farmers. 
Get the recipe

(Beaverlodge, AB)

Broken Tine Orchard is a 4th generation family farm dedicated to supplying haskap that their clients can trust and associate with quality. They believe in locally grown food and sustainable agricultural practices. They are a shareholder of Vitalaberry Farms Corp (formerly North 49 Fruit Corporation) that is a large group of haskap growers in Western Canada aimed at growing the industry.

AOTP: How did you get into berry farming?
I am a 4th generation of the farm that was established in 1926. We farm about 2400 acres of land; with a mix of canola, wheat, peas, and barley.  In 2011 we moved into Haskap berry production and opened an entirely new element of farming and marketing. We planted about 19,500 plants over a three year span and it resides on 35 acres of full drip irrigation. The orchard resides on the original homestead land that my Great Grandfather cleared.

Keep reading...


Tourism Calgary is the official destination marketing and development organization for Calgary’s tourism industry. For more than 50 years, the organization’s primary purpose has been to promote Calgary and area as the destination of choice for leisure travellers.

Guided by Calgary’s Destination Strategy, Tourism Calgary: Markets Calgary in new and exciting ways; Advocates for what’s best for the quality of life of Calgarians and for Calgary’s growing tourism industry; Hosts visitors, and events that build Calgary’s brand and offer shareable experiences; and Activates experiences in ways that attract, connect and inspire.

Learn more...

Below: Must-Try Dining Experiences in Calgary
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