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International Democracy Newsletter No.5 - January 2020

We aim to "Think global, act glocal", think globally and act at both local and global level.
The section "Think/Debate" reports the articles published in the latest issue of The Federalist Debate.
The section "Act/Campaigns" reports news on campaigns, actions and events aimed at strengthening international democracy. 
Papers on Federalism in Europe and the World
Year XXXII, No. 3, November 2019


The Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Organization of Peace Yesterday and Today, Lucio Levi

Berlin: from Wall to Gateway, Enrique Barón Crespo
Polital Education in Germany, Alessandro Cavalli
A Middle East Helsinki Conference: NGO Action Needed, Rene Wadlow
Federalism is the Only Solution to Problems Facing Hong Kong and Kashmir, W. J. Arputharaj
The Amazon: neither Savage, nor the World's Lungs or Granary, Leonardo Boff
The Disappearance of Immanuel Wallerstein, Giampiero Bordino

Borderless Debate
What Remains To Be Done, Antonio Padoa Schioppa
Towards a European Political Space, Pierre Jouvenat
A Green New Deal for the New European Legislature, Alberto Majocchi

Book Reviews
The European Council, Improvisation and the Politics of Events, Jean-Guy Giraud
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United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA)
This campaign aims to create alongside the UN General Assembly - composed of government representatives - an assembly made up of members of the Parliaments of the Member States, intended as a step towards the creation of a World Parliament, elected by universal suffrage and endowed with legislative powers. More info at 
News -> Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly Receives Good Lobby Award

News -> New York: People's Assembly Calls for Better Participation and Representation at the UN

News -> Unpa Model in Baires by Clara Subirachs
This section monitors the reform of the UN bodies and institutions (General Assembly, Security Council etc.) and its key areas: development, management, peace and security and human rights. More info at IDW
News -> Regional System and the Future of the United Nations by Andrea Cofelice
This project, promoted by Robert Triffin International, aims to overcome the planetary monetary disorder – that mainly affects marginal areas of the planet – and the hegemony of a single currency, with a world currency, expressed in special drawing rights (SDR), a basket of the major currencies. More info at
News -> Updates about World Currency by Antonio Mosconi

Universal Ratification of the Statute of the International Criminal Court
The World Federalist Movement is the leader of a coalition composed of over 2,500 NGOs that promoted the creation of the ICC (established in 2002 and ratified by 123 countries). It can put on trial individuals responsible for crimes against humanity, war crimes, genocide, aggression. The coalition promotes a campaign for the universal ratification of the Statute of the Court. More info at

News -> CICC Update on Campaign on Global Justice Atrocities 2019 by Yasmina Gourchane

Global Action Against Mass Atrocity Crimes
GAAMAC is an inclusive network created in 2013 by States, civil society organizations and academic institutions with the support of the United Nations. It works collaboratively to provide a platform for the prevention of atrocities (genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing). More info at

News -> Global Action Against Mass Atrocity Crimes: Addressing Hate Speech by Jelena Pia Comella

New Deal 4 Europe
ND4E is a campaign for sustainable development and job creation supported by additional EU budget own resources coming by a Carbon Border Tax and a Financial Transactions Tax. It has obtained support of 10 national committees, 68 NGOs, 13 trade unions, 126 mayors. It has been promoted through a European Citizens' Initiative (2013) and a petition to the EP (2016), which have obtained by the European Commission the creation of the European Fund for Strategic Investments. More info at

News -> Jeremy Rifkin: The Green New Deal Narrative Fueled by New Deal 4 Europe Campaign
This project, promoted by federalist and ecologist movements, aims to make the EU the first continent with zero climate impact, also through the establishment of a carbon border tax at the border of the EU. The Agency should manage the revenues raised through the European carbon tax on its own in the interests of the European citizens. More info at IDW
News -> The European Environment Agency – Lastly Published Assessment Report by Lorenzo Spiller
News -> Greta and the Economists on Climate Change by Roberto Palea

News -> A Price for Carbon to Fight Climate Change European Citizens' Initiative | Actions on Climate Emergency European Citizens' Initiatives

News -> The European Commission Unveils the European Green New Deal

News -> We Need a True Green New Deal - Open Letter to European Commission's President by Economists, Intellectuals and MEPs

News -> We Won't Be Silenced | Five Reasons Why COP25 Climate Talks Failed
News -> West African Nations Adopt Single Currency: Eco.

Criminal Court of Latin America and the Caribbean (COPLA)
This initiative aims to create a criminal court that prosecutes and judges the criminal groups responsible for transnational organized crime in Latin America and the Caribbean. More info at

News -> Copla Updates: UNGA, Colombia and IAP in Buenos Aires by Camila Lopez Badra
The "Campaign to Second A-9 in the UNGA" addresses more than 20 nations in the UN that have no military, and are thus ideally placed to be foremost in seconding the Japanese Article 9 and adopt it as the basis for a resolution for the abolition of war as an institution as first step to transfer security sovereignty to the United Nations. More info at
News -> The S9 Campaign - Campaign to Second A-9 in the UNGA

News -> Letter to UN Ambassadors of S9 Campaign
News -> Towards a Sovereign Europe
SPONSORS: Centro Einstein di Studi Internazionali (CESI), Centro Studi sul Federalismo (CSF), Union of European Federalist (UEF), World Federalist Movement (WFM).
EDITORIAL BOARD: editor Nicola Vallinoto (TFD), coeditor Andrea Cofelice (CSF), graphic Pietro Massafra (CESI), consultant Lionello Casalegno (TFD), editor TFD Lucio Levi.
GLOBAL LEVEL: UN Reform: Shahriar Sharei, Andrea Cofelice; International Monetary System Reform: Antonio Mosconi; Universal Ratification of the ICC Statute: Yasmina Gourchane; Responsibility to Protect: Brittany Roser; UNPA: Andreas Bummel, Nicola Vallinoto; WTO Reform: Lucio Levi; UN World Environment Agency: Roberto Palea, Lorenzo Spiller.
REGIONAL LEVELS: EUROPE. New Deal 4 Europe: Grazia Borgna, Paolo Ponzano; Eea: Lorenzo Spiller; SOUTH AMERICA. COPLA: Camila Lopez, Fernando Iglesias; ASIA AND MIDDLE-EAST. James Arputharaj; Article 9 Campaign: Klaus Schlichtmann.
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