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A Message from the Primary Coordinator

Count your Blessings.

Watching the news lately can be very deflating. You can sometimes forget all the blessings that surround each of us every day.  

A research paper published by Harvard Health Publishing in 2011 (see citation below), investigated the effects of gratitude on individuals. They found that those participants who wrote a few sentences each day about things they were grateful for, were more optimistic and felt better about their lives...

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And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love
mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

School News
Year 1
Lots of you can't come in and enjoy our Year 1 classroom this term, so we thought we would show you our learning environment. In this classroom we are learning about plurals, suffixes and adjectives. In this classroom we are learning to count on while adding numbers and rounding numbers to the nearest 10. In this classroom we are learning to have courage and be kind. In this classroom we learn, we laugh, we celebrate and we grow. This is the Year 1 classroom...which is nothing without the Year 1 students.
Freestyle Pattern Printing with Year 2
Year 2 created some freestyle pattern printing on styrofoam. Students had to create their own pattern on paper and trace it onto styrofoam. By pushing into the styrofoam they created a template ready to print their pattern from. Using textas as their ink for printing they coloured their template, washed down art paper with water and printed their patterns. Students were surprised by the way the ink flowed over their paper and all enjoyed the end results. Great job year 2! 
Burning Biscuits with Year 7
Year 7 Science had great fun burning food! We burnt savoury biscuits as well as plain chips so that we could calculate how much energy is stored in these foods. We all really enjoyed this experiment and are looking forward to testing more food next week and comparing our results with each other to see which of the foods we tested have the most stored energy! 
Business Studies - Financial Ratios
Senior Business Studies has spent the last couple of weeks in the world of Finance. Most students would not say Maths is their favourite subject so it was a hard sell at the beginning but it has been great to see students start to grasp some real world maths to help them understand the business world. Financial ratios are used to interpret financial reports and show a businesses profitability, liquidity, solvency, growth and efficiency. Here is Zac working out the Current Ratio for his business General Motors as well as some draft examples of an Executive Summary students have completed for their reports due this week. 
Is Anyone Out There?
The Engineering Studies class is currently investigating Telecommunications and today refurbished a satellite dish, and here Mr Quince is demonstrating how an offset parabolic reflector works, whilst Jordan, Tom and Caleb investigate hunting down radio sources, including the sun.
Early Entry Success
We love seeing our students achieve their dreams and being a part of the process to help them figure out what comes after school. For some of our Year 12 class they are keen to enter the workforce straight out of school but others are considering further study at TAFE and University. Our Year 12 Students have been busy since May applying for various universities across the country. With so many applications available to them they have had to reflect on their skills and abilities in a range of areas such as academics, sports, resilience, problem-solving and leadership. At the end of last term we had some students who had already been made offers. Through the Charles Sturt Advantage Program, which offers students early entry based on a lower ATAR, Caleb Hill has been offered a Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Laura Hall-Matthews has been offered a Bachelor of Business, Talesha Ellis has been offered a Bachelor of Arts (Specialised), Laura Rusten has been offered a Bachelor of Equine Science and Thomas Unger has been offered a Bachelor of Agricultural Science. William Greenland has also been accepted into a Bachelor of Animation at the SAE Creative Media Institute. This is only a few of the programs our students have applied for so many more offers are expected to come in over the next couple of months. Our students have some important decisions to make but we are so proud of them for what they have achieved so far!
Clothing pool
If you are after any uniform items from our clothing pool, either summer or winter, please email with the item of clothing you are after and the size.
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Monday 2 August
  • Homework Hub (3:07pm - 4:00pm)
Tuesday 3 August
  • High School House Challenge - Kick Tennis (12:50pm)
Wednesday 4 August
  • High School House Challenge - Kick Tennis (12:50pm)
  • Sport; NRL & League Tag - Yrs 7 and 8 (1:30pm - 3:00pm)
  • Sport; Tennis - Yrs 9 and 10 (1:30pm - 3:00pm)
Thursday 5 August
  • High School House Challenge - Kick Tennis (12:50pm)
Friday 6 August
  • Sport Day - Kindy to Yr 6
  • Dress Up Letter Day
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High School Assessments
Monday 2 August
  • Year 7/8/9 Mathematics (Mrs Lynn / Mr Quince / Mrs Pepper) - Topic Test
  • Year 10 Mathematics - Topic Test
  • Senior Design and Technology - Case Study

Thursday 5 August

  • Year 7P Geography - Liveable City Task
  • Year 9/10 English Advanced - Memoir Writing

Friday 6 August

  • Year 9/10 Visual Arts - Printmaking
  • Senior Music - Core Composition and Elective 2
Upcoming School Events
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