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A Message from the Primary Coordinator

Lights.. Camera.. Action!

The heart of every teacher is to keep quality education going no matter what medium of delivery. PCS has enjoyed four weeks of face to face learning this term and this week teachers effortlessly switched to At Home Learning within a day.

Teachers and support staff were all hands on deck on Monday to create and distribute a week's worth of lessons. The whole staff pitched in and like a well oiled machine, by 3.00pm resource...

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School News
Science with Stage 2
Year 3 and Year 4 are finally preparing for their solar oven inventions later this term. In our science unit we are learning about materials and their properties for heat absorption and reflection. Last week we got out to perform an experiment to see if black or white paper was more effective for melting ice quickly. Mr Westcott even got out to see the effects that black or white paper had on the addition of a magnifying glass to the mix. The students were very excited to say the least when the smoke started to appear. Even though we are at home learning for the moment, the students will continue to experiment with different materials and begin to plan their ovens for their return. S'mores and Cheesy nachos are on the menu and the students are very excited. 
Stay tuned...
Netball NSW
During Weeks 2-5 of Term 3, Grades 3 to 6 have been learning the game of Netball each Friday for P.E.
Emily Williams from Netball NSW has been coaching the students to increase their netball skills and the application of these skills within games played under the PCS Cola. 
Thank you Emily for your time and knowledge. The students have thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to be coached and increase their confidence and skills in the game of Netball.
Year 9/10 Visual Arts
Students in years 9 and 10 Visual Arts have been exploring several expressive forms throughout the year. In Term 1 they explored photography and the process of composing a story based on an understanding of process and a series of rules (Structural Frame). In Term 2 students explored the elements of art and developed their understanding and skills in creating a series of still life drawings and paintings. 

This term students have investigated and practiced the art of Printmaking. Students have explored silk screen printing and have developed a series of prints that could be used on Tee shirts and textiles, cards or paper and canvas prints. Students have explored a variety of subjects such as hobbies and interests, animals, nature and text. Students have used the Cultural Frame that enables them to think about how we can use our values and beliefs to direct artistic expression, and also the Subjective Frame that allows us to determine how an artwork makes us feel. 

All students are to be commended for their efforts and results in their Art works.

Duelling in Year 9-10 Elective History
History Elective have been learning about the history of duelling - including why they were fought and how! Originally intended as a way to defend your honour they developed into a system guided by rules and procedures. Typically they used pistols or swords, but there is evidence of a duel fought over Paris in a hot air balloon, and one fought using billiard balls!
Working with Agriculture
Over the past few weeks, the 9/10 Agriculture students have been relocating the vegetable garden. Thanks to our new space on the block, we have designed, planned, pegged out and began work on our new garden space. The space will eventually include a small orchard, greenhouses, vegetable gardens, chicken run and compost bins. 
The first stage of this project was to install watering systems before filling the garden beds with new plants. The students loved being out in the sun and working to achieve a long-term goal. 
A massive thank you to Bunnings Forbes, Walker's AGnVET Forbes, Landcare Inc. and Woolworths for their kind donations towards our new gardens. 
Watch this space for more information about upcoming developments in our garden. If you would like to help in any way please contact me and I will be glad to accept your help. 
Miss Barrass
House Colours Day LOCKDOWN STYLE
Thanks for getting involved PCS! 
Stay tuned for Monday's announcement for our next house challenge.
It's a Girl!
Mrs Watt has had a beautiful baby girl!
Welcome Abigail Ella Watt

Born on the 5th August 2021
A massive congratulations Jane and Warren on the safe arrival of Abigail, everyone at PCS can't wait to meet her!
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Monday 23 August
  • Drop off Resource Packs for K-2 students (by 8:30am)
  • Forbes Drop off Resource Packs for K-2 students at the Railway Station (from 8:00am until 8:15am)
  • Forbes Collection of New Resource Packs for K-2 students available for pick up at the Railway Station (from 3:30pm until 3:45pm)
Tuesday 24 August
  • Collect New Resource Packs for K-2 students at PCS (from 8:30am)
Friday 27 August
  • Drop off Resource Packs for K-2 at PCS (from 12pm Friday until Monday 8:30am)
  • House Challenge (due in 5pm)
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High School Assessments
Assessment Tasks may change due to COVID Lockdown. Please check your emails.

Monday 23 August
  • Year 7/8/9 Mathematics (Mrs Lynn, Mrs Nunn & Mrs Pepper) - Topic Test
  • Year 7/8/9 Mathematics (Mr Quince) - Board Game
  • Year 10 Mathematics - Topic Test
  • Senior Engineering Studies - Individual Engineering Report

Tuesday 24 August

  • Yr 7P Science - Body System Research

Wednesday 25 August

  • Yr 8 Geography - Field Study Report
  • Yr 9 History - Display Task
  • Yr 10 Geography - Field Study Report
  • Senior Mathematics Extension 1 - Research Assignment on Calculus

Thursday 26 August

  • Yr 9/10 Design and Technology - Go Kart - Case Study Project
  • Senior Music - Elective 3

Friday 27 August

  • Year 7V Science - Body Systems Task
  • Year 10 PDH - Positive Relationships
  • Senior SLR - Outdoor Recreation
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