Late Bloomer LP by Mervin Wong ft. Sal
Releases this Friday 18 November 2022
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“I don’t know how I did it, how I made it out alive. I just told myself I would”

I am pleased to share Late Bloomer LP with you all finally. This was a long journey Sal and I embarked on three-and-a-half years ago. A big thank you to our friends who have seen us through. I’ve emerged to understand a bit more of myself through the many challenges. Many things along the way these past few years were intentional to build towards this release.

We’re putting out a podcast series as part of the release, or in other words, closure - where we’ll share more of the uncanny stories about our unlikely meeting and the songs and music writing.

Sal & I are also performing
live in Malaysia, KL at fono on Friday, 2 Dec 2022~

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Late Bloomer is a full-length album by artist-producer Mervin Wong, and a three-and-a-half-year project finally coming to fruition. Featuring the vocals of collaborator Sal, the album is a document of existential discord, self-doubt, and the solace and growth that can arrive out of finding the right people.

Late Bloomer is both time capsule from years past and stake in the ground marking a new chapter. Begun at a moment in Mervin’s life when the path forward felt uncertain and opaque, he releases it now ten months after celebrating the return to his own name on stage with a newfound sense of clarity and focus.

What is Late Bloomer? It’s a bedroom space-opera. It’s psychic interiority married with the sound of the cosmos. A scene at a roadside junction fresh out of lockdown with a stranger, or on a balcony with a friend, scored as a sprawling saga through space and time. An enduring note-to-self about the importance of trust and friendship.

Music production and composition: Mervin Wong
Sal, Mervin Wong
Kin Leonn, Mervin Wong
Kin Leonn
Album art:
Photography and portraits:
Chris Sim
Hair and Makeup:
Rice Tan
Distribution & publishing:

Closure (Trailer) - Podcast: Late Bloomer - Mervin Wong & Sal

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