It's the Balance For Me!

I like to think of marriage as an intricate dance that requires balance to execute. When you think about balance, you may visualize something that, even when it’s a little shaky, it is steady enough to remain upright. And that, in our minds, would constitute a success! As long as it doesn’t topple over, it’s all good right? In terms of an object or building, sure, this is what we may all consider to be a success, it didn’t fall. Now think about this in terms of a marriage or relationship, would it be enough that the marriage didn’t “fall” or should other components be considered?

In present day we are seeing a great deal of marriages that were “not falling”, abruptly topple or come to an end. With this knowledge, our earlier theory would appear to be incorrect. It is not enough that something is simply standing upright and not falling, one would need to know how things are balanced in order to remain upright ongoing. Taking a deeper look into the balance structure would help to understand things a bit more. In marriage, there has to be an equal “give and take” series of actions within it in order to remain standing firm. That is not to say that sometimes there will be an unequal sequence, but for the majority, you want an equal series of actions.
Communication is the key to BALANCE!
In the beginning of this video, you see me lean back and quickly pull my husband over, then we both topple. On the next go round, I leaned back again and this time you hear him saying, “you pulling me, you pulling me”. With this information I let up a little, and we were able to lean equally and remain upright. It wasn’t until he spoke that I was able to understand what was needed to balance us. Balance in marriage may look different every day, may require different levels of strength of each party, and will not exist without effective communication! This communication can be verbal or non-verbal. Many times, marriages get off balanced when communication becomes lacking, or unclear. Let’s be real, sometimes we simply don’t know what we don’t know. And in those cases, frustration creeps in and things become unbalanced. Having this piece of information, take a moment to think about the balance in your marriage right now. If you recognize there is an imbalance, are you able to find where the communication gap may be in order to rebalance?

It is super easy to find yourself in an imbalanced marriage, yet hard to find a solution towards rebalancing. One of my functions with couples is working with you and you partner to create, understand, and maintain a healthy balance in your marriage or relationship. The great thing is you have options for support to assist you and your partner with finding the healthy balance in your marriage or relationship. You can start the process by contacting me today!

Oh, and don't forget to ask me about the next challenge,
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