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Gut Microbiota Signature in NAFLD

Research suggests that there may be a gut microbiota signature to detect NAFLD-cirrhosis. By analysing the gut microbiota of subjects with NAFLD, 27 bacterial features were identified as important markers for determining disease progression.

The Gut Microbiota of an Astronaut

To understand the impact of long-duration spaceflight on human health, one identical twin was sent into space whilst his twin served as a ground control. A number of outcomes were measured throughout the study, including changes to the microbiome.

Diet or Genetics – what shapes our gut microbiome? 

Comparison of faecal samples from 9 different primate species and 4 human groups reveals striking similarities between phylogenetically distant groups, which is likely attributed to the composition of their diets.

Our Interview with Professor Glenn Gibson

We caught up with Prof. Glenn Gibson, Professor of Food Microbiology at the University of Reading, to find out more about his career and research. 

Yakult Travel Grant 

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