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Holmgard Press is very pleased to announce that the Definitive Editions of:

...are all available NOW for preorder from 


We are also extremely excited to be able to reunite the work of GARY CHALK and JOE DEVER in print for the first time in thirty years. 

The Definitive Edition books 2-8 will feature all of Gary's original artwork, while the Definitive Edition FLIGHT FROM THE DARK features the extended version of the text accompanied by forty brand new illustrations from the mighty NERDGORE. 
The release schedule has changed a little since my last letter, but only a little. Instead of issuing one book per month, we will publish the books in bundles of two or three, so you can save with consolidated shipping. 

Our goal remains to complete these editions in time for Lone Wolf's 40th anniversary.

ALBERTO DAL LAGO has created an awesome new cover for FLIGHT FROM THE DARK. We hope you agree that this stands amongst his finest work. It will be available as a limited edition fine art print in our next letter.

This month FRANCESCO MATTIOLI celebrated the completion of eight years of dedicated work by finishing his final gamebook map. Francesco has been pivotal in the Lone Wolf revival, and we look forward to many more years of collaboration (including one more map for book 32!). 

"You must make haste for you sense it is not safe to linger by the smoking remains of the ruined monastery".  

I first read these words when my parents bought me a copy of Flight from the Dark when I was ten years old.  I instantly fell in love with the series and I made it my mission to get all of the books as soon as they came to America.  As this was before the internet, this was a far harder task than it is today!  However, every trip I took with my parents, I longed to visit the local book stores to hope against all hope that this store might have another Lone Wolf title to buy. 

I devoured each book I bought and immersed myself in the world of Lone Wolf, Grey Star, and Magnamund as a whole.  I had never read anything like them before and they became my favorite series.  All throughout elementary and middle school I was never far from a well-read and well-loved copy of either Lone Wolf or Grey Star. Even when I entered high school and college, I still would read them on lazy Summer days or snowy Winter nights.  

As I grew, I never lost my love for the series. I became a librarian at a middle school and bought as many of the copies of the now hard to come by series as I could for my library. The children loved them as much as I did at their age and I loved talking to them as they took their first steps into Magnamund as well.  

Now my career path has taken me in an entirely new direction, but I couldn't be happier for now I am married and have children of my own.  I cannot wait for the day when they will be old enough to take the journey with me to Magnamund.  I want to be there when they claim the Sommerswerd for themselves, when they bravely (or foolishly) opt to drink Bor Brew for the first time, and yes, even when they sadly discover that no matter what they do, there is no way for Grey Star to save Shan's life.  

My journey in Magnamund is far from complete and I cannot wait to see what other adventures await in the future of the series.  

"For Sommerlund and for The Kai!"


Zachary Soohy

Holmgard Press and Fellow Kai,

Since I was 10, Lone Wolf and Magnamund have been a part of my life. My mother gifted me a US edition of Chasm of Doom, Christmas 1985 if memory serves. Many are the memories of introducing Lone Wolf to my friends and reading the stories to my younger brother, showing him how to generate a character and navigate the books. Thirty years later I cherish minor correspondence with Joe through social media. Today I play the LW Adventure Game with my 14-year-old son and my brother and look forward to continuing adventures in Magnamund for years to come.

However, my favorite Magnamund moment is reading Ben's inaugural reboot of the mailbag. There is a hero's journey complete. I realize there is more to come and the work is unfinished and ongoing, but that is a complete tale in and of itself. It is a testament to the imagination and creativity of Joe, the power of investing ourselves in such things, and a beautiful story of how a son comes to appreciate his father in new ways.

For Sommerlund and the Kai,

David Mason
Thanks to everyone who has contacted us so far, reading about how Lone Wolf has impacted you is a privilege and a pleasure. Please send your submissions for the Monastery Mailbag, along with any suggestions, questions, or ideas to:

I shall return with more news soon.

I appreciate it has been longer than planned since the last letter, but now things are beginning to move along I will attempt to contact you more regularly. 

Happy Adventuring,

Ben & the Team.

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