Automate All the Things! symposium

January 2020 will be a busy month for Hyperemployment - Post-work, Online Labour and Automation, the year-long programme I co-curated with Janez Janša for Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana.
From January 7 to 10, 2020, Aksioma Project Space, Ljubljana will hosts a three days screening of Michael Mandiberg's Postmodern Times, a remake of Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times (1936) produced by asking 182 gig workers to re-enact scenes from the movie. The event will be followed on January 15, 2020 by the opening of Elisa Giardina Papa's solo show The Cleaning of Emotional Data, premiering the third take of the artist on digital labour after Technologies of Care and The Labor of Sleep.

The opening of the show will be the closing event of AUTOMATE ALL THE THINGS!, a two days symposium starting on January 14 with my lecture at The Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana and completed on January 15 with artists lectures (Elisa Giardina Papa, Silvio Lorusso), a lecture-performance (Sebastian Schmieg) and a round table (Sanela Jahić, Michael Mandiberg, Sašo Sedlaček).
AUTOMATE ALL THE THINGS! wants to explore a contradiction implicit in the increasing automation of work: is this process, which should apparently open up a new age of free time, no labour and universal basic income, instead turning humans into software agents, invisible slaves of the machines? Welcomed as a curse by the Luddites at the very beginning of the industrial age, throughout the 20th century, automation did not destroy human labour, but profoundly changed its organisation on a global scale. In the late-20th century, technological innovations brought automation to a brand new level, accelerating the shift toward a post-industrial economic model. Today, with many jobs previously run by humans becoming fully automated, the dream – or nightmare – of a post-work society seems closer than ever; and yet, at a closer look, automation in its current form isn’t destroying human labour. Rather, it is making it invisible.

... and more (news about) Hyperemployment

。・゚゚・ The group exhibition Hyperemployment, featuring the work of artists Danilo Correale, Elisa Giardina Papa, Sanela Jahić, Silvio Lorusso, Jonas Lund, Michael Mandiberg, Sebastian Schmieg, Guido Segni, will be on display at MGLC - International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana up to January 19, 2020. Some photo documentation of the show is available on Flickr, on my personal account and on Aksioma's archive. Enjoy!

♥*♡∞:。.。 On December 26, Valerio Veneruso reviewed the exhibition for Artribune; while on December 18, Elena Giulia Rossi interviewed me for Arshake about the exhibition and the overall programme. In the interview, available in English and Italian, we discuss about labor, post-work, automation and how all this is affecting the work of the artist and the curator.

**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ Talk to Me, the monumental editorial project by artist Jonas Lund on view in Hyperemployment, is now available for book collectors in different solutions (single volume, all volumes, hardcover collector edition)! Check it out at
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