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Resources for Understanding Domestic Abuse
Drew Hunter

Our world is filled with many tragedies we see, but there are also many that go unnoticed. Much of the oppression in our world happens in homes and behind closed doors. This is why in light of October being Domestic Violence Awareness month, I wanted to draw our attention to this and share a few helpful resources.
One of the most important first steps we can take is to understand what oppression often looks like. Those who abuse or oppress others seek to control, dominate, and tear down. Some do this with harsh or manipulative words that frighten, belittle, or shame. This often leads to physical threats or violent actions.   
The gospel of Jesus Christ is the opposite. Jesus came to serve, love, and build up. He is our king and leader, but he leads us into flourishing. Jesus came to serve and suffer for us, so that we could be blessed. Oppressors say, “your life for mine,” but Jesus says, “I give my life for you.” Oppressors are self-serving; Jesus is self-giving and shares his joy with those who trust him.

We want our church to be a safe place for women who are mistreated to be heard, taken seriously, and find support. Here are a few helpful resources to understand and help those who may be experiencing this anti-gospel oppression and coercive control.

Sheltering Wings, located in Danville, IN, provides love, compassion and resources to help those who experience domestic abuse survive and thrive. Their door is open in the name of Jesus Christ to any survivor of any background with the promise of confidentiality and security. They help women with safety plans and to rebuild stable and independent lives through essential programs and skills training.
Darby Strickland, Domestic Abuse: Help for the Sufferer. This small booklet is written to help sufferers understand abuse and find practical steps toward help and healing. This would also be helpful for any Christian seeking to help others.
Drew Hunter, “Where Can I Carry My Shame? Hope and Healing for the Abused" (2 Samuel 13). This is a sermon on a text that helps us not just understand sexual abuse, but also find hope and healing.
Tim Challies and Justin Holcomb article, The Tragic Prevalence of Sexual Assault. This is a short interview that addresses the prevalence and painful effects of sexual assault. It also provides a helpful list of suggestions for how to care for those who have experienced this tragedy.
Once or twice a year, we also offer a men’s Growth Group on the topic of “Men of Peace: Advocating for Victims & Gospel Solutions for Abusers.” It explores the dynamics of domestic abuse, teaches biblical ways to come alongside men who mistreat their wives and children, and equips us to function as a church that facilitates Christlike love in our homes. Contact Gerry Bissell or Eric Bobbitt if you are interested in more information.
Justin and Lindsey Holcomb, God Made All of Me: A Book to Help Children Protect Their Bodies. From the book, “God Made All of Me starts from the fundamental truth that God created everything and applies that truth to kids and their bodies. It equips parents to talk with both boys and girls about their bodies and to help them understand the difference between the appropriate and inappropriate touch of others. God Made All of Me allows families to build a first line of defense against sexual abuse in the safety of their own homes.”

If you would like more information, please reach out to Eric Bobbitt (ZF Elder) or Deb Bissell (Certified Domestic Abuse Advocate).

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