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Report for November 2020

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ our blessed Saviour! Much has happened in this ministry since our last update. Travels have taken me across the face of this great nation. I have conducted meetings in Illinois, Wisconsin, Texas, Alaska, Washington, and Oklahoma. Many of these meetings have been mission conferences. A few have been a one-day special emphasis on missions. God has blessed with safety in travel, new friends, encouragement for pastors and their churches, and more money for the cause of world evangelism and church planting. 
Busy Days until mid-December

As I look ahead, I see a full schedule to the middle of December. I am particularly looking forward to the opportunity to fly to Nicaragua on the Saturday after Thanksgiving to conduct a mission conference for missionary Ricardo Portillo. Right now, it looks like travel to Nicaragua is possible without too much trouble. Believing God wants me to be in Central America for this meeting I have purchased my airline ticket to make this trip. Please pray that this meeting won’t be cancelled and that the Lord will give us favor. I am trusting the Lord to help us with health, strength, and protection for this meeting. I long to be used of the Lord for this purpose.
A lot of the meetings I am conducting in November and December are just Sunday meetings. I have been away from my wife and family a lot recently, and I am looking forward to spending time at our home in between these meetings. However, I am grateful that God has blessed and encouraged us each step of the way. 
Laborers in the Harvest Podcast
I mentioned earlier this year that during the COVID shutdown, I was burdened to start a podcast. God has enabled me to keep this podcast up and going even on the road. I am able to record pretty much anywhere I am as long as I have an internet connection. The purpose of my podcast is to interview those who are called by the Lord to labor in His harvest. So far, I have conducted eleven interviews. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to have these conversations and asking these folks about God’s work in their lives. It has been a blessing to sit and listen to the stories of God’s work, each one unique and unusual. I try to keep each episode short, normally, less than 20 minutes. Of course, that means those stories must be told over a few episodes. I would encourage you to give “Laborers in the Harvest” a listen. It can be found in most places where people subscribe to podcasts. Simply do a search for my name or the title of the podcast. 
In our last update, I mentioned that we are now raising support to direct to national pastors. As you can imagine, the need for support of national pastors is a bit overwhelming. We are praying that the Lord will give the leadership of SL-Asia insight as to where this support will best be directed. Most of us in America struggle to comprehend how people in the rest of the world have so very little yet do a great work for God. Many are worthy of support, and we believe the Lord wants us to help them. Please make this a matter of prayer. It is a bit difficult to make these decisions since we have not been able to visit the ministries in the nations of the 10/40 window. However, we know that the COVID travel restriction to Asia will come to an end by the direction of the Lord. 
Conference in Manila
I also mentioned in our last update that we were still considering the rescheduling of the Spiritual Leadership Conference of Asia. We have made the decision to push back this major conference to March 1- 4, 2022. It is a great disappointment to have to push this meeting back so far. However, several nations are not planning to lift travel restrictions until March of next year. Given that information, we have decided it was wise to make this decision.  

Until we are able to meet again, we endeavor to stay connected with key leaders in these 10/40 nations. Brother Niranjan Sundararaj is hosting Zoom meetings with key leaders bi-weekly, targeting one nation at a time. In these meetings, we get acquainted with national pastors and missionaries. We discuss what is going on in their country spiritually and what they are doing. We ask how we can help, and what are some of the obstacles that hinder the work from moving forward. 

We are planning on making a trip to Asia late February and early March of 2021. Dr. Chappell, Niranjan, myself and a few others will travel there to conduct a few regional SL-Asia meetings. Our purpose is to encourage laborers serving the Lord and keep connected with key leaders. We still don’t have a definitive itinerary, but hopefully that will become clear in November. Please pray with us for the Lord to give clear direction. 
Prayer Focus Nation: Cambodia
Please pray for the nation of Cambodia, a country of 16.25 million people. Buddhism is the official religion of Cambodia, with over 98 percent of the population following this false religion. The Christian faith is minimal in Cambodia, with only a few Independent Baptist American missionaries doing a work for God in this country. However, there are nearly three dozen Asian national missionaries in Cambodia planting churches. Please pray that God will do a great work in bringing the truth of the Gospel to Cambodia. 
For the Lord’s Great Cause,

Kevin Folger
North American Director
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