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When we at Vectorious started developing the V-LAP, we envisioned that by providing high-resolution pressure waveforms from the left atrium, we may enable better medical care for patients with heart failure. This includes providing important information for future therapeutic devices.

Recently, JACC published an article demonstrating the importance of continuous LAP measurements during the implantation of a therapeutic device (MitraClip). I believe that we are just scratching the surface of the potential of direct LAP measurement. Having said that, our focus remains on better management of heart failure patients by adjusting ambulatory medical care, and we are making great progress in this direction. 

We are continuing recruitment for the VECTOR-HF study and collecting data on LAP in both unique clinical and day-to-day situations, all in the hope of furthering our understanding of patients with heart failure.

Oren Goldshtein, CEO

  Latest Updates

Vector-HF trial was launched in the UK
The first V-LAP implantation in the UK was done on July 16th. The procedure, the first to be done in a woman, took place at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, under the leadership of Professor Francisco Leyva. 

6 V-LAP procedures done up to date
Over the past months 6 patients were fitted with the V-LAP. The last procedure was done this week by Professor Ulrich Schäfer in Marienkrankenhaus, Hamburg. We expect to double the number of enrolled patients by the end of this year. 

Removal of atrial fibrillation criteria 
Removal of atrial fibrillation criteria was approved by the competent authority and ethics committee in the UK. We are working on removing this exclusion in Germany and Italy as well by the end of the year. 

Come and Meet Us
August 31 - September 4, Paris  
"V-LAP: Heart 
Left-Sided Monitoring System" 

Leor Perl, MD,
Medical Director, Vectorious
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September 23-25, Boston
Vectorious was chosen from a pool of almost 800 applicants by MedTech Innovator as one of 50 leading MedTech startups transforming the healthcare industry.
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October 5-6, Tallinn - Estonia  
"V-LAP: Heart 
Left-Sided Monitoring System" 

Domenico D'Amario, MD
Policlinico A. Gemelli Hospital, Rome 

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June 17th, 2019

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 June 21, 2019

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Israeli Companies Chosen for MedTech Innovator Showcase

 July 22, 2019

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Interesting Studies to Follow

Prevalence and Medical Costs of Chronic Diseases Among Adult Medicaid Beneficiaries

 by: American Journal of Medicine

The review estimates that the annual cost of treating heart failure among Medicaid beneficiaries ranges from $29,271 to $51,937.
Read the full review


Continuous Direct Left Atrial Pressure:
Intraprocedural Measurement Predicts Clinical Response Following MitraClip Therapy

by: JACC 

The study demonstrates the value of real-time monitoring of LA pressure during MitraClip therapy to predict clinical outcomes.
Read the full study

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