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With reuse the possibilities are endless

Old pallet - how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Vertical planter, book case, compost bin, shoe rack, chair, coffee table, bike store or perhaps...a sand pit for the kids? 
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Freegle collaboration has big impact

Check out the latest edition of .digital bark, an e-zine dedicated to the role of tech in housing. On page 19, you'll find an in-depth interview with Freegle’s Councils and Partnerships Officer, Natalie Ibbott. Natalie gives great insight into Freegle’s work with social housing providers and reveals how a recent integration with Rubixx Housing has helped to signpost tenants towards Freegle, both at the beginning of tenancies when furniture and other household essentials are required and at the end of tenancy, when items often need to be re-homed. 
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Freegle Life - New home for old possessions

“My mum died in 2020 I had to clear her house. Because of Covid and lockdown, I was told any house clearance company would take all her stuff to the tip which I couldn't bear the thought of. So I started freegling! 300 items later I have met so many nice people and her things have gone to local charities, children in a special needs school, children in Africa, someone who hand-builds saunas, people who upcycle stuff on their allotments, people who've just moved to the UK and are short of things, and on and on. I've had words of encouragement from other freeglers who've admired my determination in keeping all that stuff out of landfill, and that definitely kept me going! Thank you for such a brilliant win-win system.”
From Cherwell Valley Freegle
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Reuse too hard to measure? Freegle has it covered.

We understand just how important measurable benefits are when it comes to developing policies and monitoring new initiatives. The good news is, that when residents choose to reuse with Freegle, their reuse activities are measured by us and we are able to provide this tonnage data along with the associated CO2 savings statistics, direct to councils. 
Andrew Jenkins, Waste Promotions Lead Officer at Buckinghamshire Council, recently had this to say on the subject:-

"The statistics provided are one of the biggest benefits to us partnering with Freegle as reuse is notoriously difficult to measure. The statistics show the impact of our investment, whether it's carbon, money, waste etc. and enables us to validate the investment."
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Breaking down the barriers

Barriers have always existed when it comes to the idea of reuse. Whether it’s the feeling that items might be inferior or unreliable; the stigma of using ‘someone else’s cast offs’ or the image conscious consumer for whom everything has to be ‘box fresh’ and new.

At Freegle, we celebrate all forms of reuse and provide an easy-to-use platform for our communities. Our users report a feeling of great joy and satisfaction when liberating their unwanted possessions and others relish the chance to pick up much needed items for free.

When supported by local authorities and with the help of Freegle, reuse becomes the norm. Click below to find out more about Freegle and how we can support you.
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Let's get together soon

WRAP says that Partnerships are Key to Success (PAKTS) and we agree. Freegle can help you to:-
  • Make reuse your priority.
  • Provide residents with the help they need to become more resilient.
  • Facilitate a fantastic amount of reuse locally in a highly cost effective way.
  • Experience a range of impactful environmental, social and cost benefits.
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