Tech Tuesday: Interns, Media, Grants + More!

Hello and Happy Tech Tuesday! Here’s what’s going on in our world!

Straight from the heart and soul:

😔 The overturning of Roe v. Wade, which marks the end of federally protected abortion rights in the U.S., has many of us full of rage, frustration, fear, and grief.

✊🏾 The right to choose what we do with our bodies is a human right. One that is deliberately being decided by the government and affects very specific groups of people; people who have historically been marginalized, and continue to be marginalized because of who they are.

🗣 Though power seems to be in a few hands, we are here to remind you that YOU have power, too. You have a say so. Your input, your voice, and your vision for this country matters.

💡Here are some resources to turn your emotions, thoughts, or hopes into a powerful agent for change:

Join us in welcoming new additions to the Nerdy Diva Team:

🎉 Last month, three interns from STL Youth Jobs joined Nerdy Diva for six weeks as part of STL Youth Jobs’ Career Accelerator Pathway.

👏🏾 Their names are Shancia Morgan, Shawn Taylor, and Anaya Walker, and they have been doing great.

✅ So far, they’ve:

  • Created a training plan for their weekly professional development

  • Drafted interview and survey questions for our Inclusive Tech Glossary on GitHub

  • Worked on coding our Inclusive Tech Glossary

  • Conducted social media research and completed a design brief

  • Published social media content using Buffer

  • Established Nerdy Diva’s TikTok account

  • Filmed behind-the-scenes footage of our media day with Mena Darré

  • and more!

📖 You can learn more about each of them below.

📚 Shancia Morgan recently finished her last semester at St. Louis Community College with an Associate of Arts in Business Administration. Although she’s not ready to transfer to a 4-year college yet, she’ll be enrolling at Launch Code in the fall to break into technology as a career.

🎨 In her free time, Shancia loves to express her creativity by drawing, painting, and doing anything that has a positive influence. She hopes to gain all the skills and support needed to start her e-commerce business one day.

🎥 Shawn M. Taylor Jr. is a filmmaker and young business owner from St. Louis, MO. He received his Bachelor of Science and Arts from Rockhurst University and is currently a candidate for Columbia College’s MFA program.

📺 With over five years of experience creating short films and commercial campaigns, his mission is to capture and create memorable experiences for the world around him. Shawn has built an impressive portfolio, working with clients such as St. Luke’s Hospice Center and Senso Electronics.

👩🏽‍💻 Anaya Walker is a graphic design major who will receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northwest Missouri State University. She wants to become a storyboard artist and has a passion for inspiring kids, especially black kids, to reach for the stars.

✍🏽 When she's not creating art (drawing, writing, knitting) she's spending time with her loved ones, reading, and most likely learning something new or expanding her knowledge on an existing skill.

🥳 We are so excited to have Shancia, Shawn, and Anaya as members of the Nerdy Diva team!

🗣 Speaking of interns, July 28th is National Intern Day! 10 years ago, I was an intern at the software company RedHat, and I would not be who or where I am today if it weren’t for the real-world access, opportunities, and mentorship I received during my time at RedHat and beyond. Take a look at us!

🙌🏾 It feels amazing to be able to offer experiences, resources, and opportunities to brilliant, diverse, and hopeful talent in the field, just like I received a decade ago.


[Shanae’s words are italicized]

Take a look at what Nerdy Diva and its Founder are up to:

📸 Right before the holiday, we partnered with Mena Darré, Brand Photographer and Strategist at Brand with Mena for a new Promo Video. Stay tuned for details on when and where the video will drop!

📰 We were featured in BRAND of St. Louis’ Annual Report! Take a look at our mention here.

🔜 A Patreon for Nerdy Diva is on its way! Join us in supporting inclusive design, diversity, and tech!

Listen in and/or watch to catch the gems we’re dropping:

📺 This past weekend, Shanae was featured on Good Morning America to discuss salary negotiations and job searching as a Black woman in tech! It was an amazing experience, and we are excited to be able to share our message with a broader audience! Take a look here.

Watch Shanae’s Clip Here!

🎙 Have you been searching for insight on how to improve API programs? Check out Shanae’s interview from the Spotlight API Intersection podcast, which covers three ways to create a more inclusive API program.

Listen to Shanae’s Episode
Read the Blog Post

We thought you’d be interested in the following:

💭 Have you been wondering what it looks like to make an impact on Diversity in Tech or UX Design? If so, here are two chances for you to do so:

1️⃣ Complete the Nerdy Diva Illustration Survey by our UX Designer and Coach Geraldine Lua! Review the options then click the button below to share your feedback for a free Nerdy Diva sticker!

Take me to the survey!

2️⃣ Share your thoughts via the Inclusive Tech Glossary Survey created by our interns Shancia, Shawn, and Anaya! We’ll send you some Nerdy Diva swag PLUS you’ll have the chance to win a $25 gift card!

I’m ready to complete the survey!

📅 Here are a couple of funding opportunities from our partners at the BALSA Foundation and BRAND of St. Louis:

☀️ The 2022 Summer BALSA Grant, which helps first time entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground, is accepting applications. Those selected for the cohort receive:

  • A $1,000 cash grant

  • 10-week learning series

  • Mentoring, and MORE!

👩🏾‍💻 Applications are due by July 24th, so submit yours ASAP. For more details on program requirements, visit

📈 BRAND of St. Louis is accepting applications for its Business Growth Grant! Exclusively for their BRAND Startup League members, the program offers grants ranging from $500 to $2,000 to fund one-time projects that support business growth.

⚠️ Applications are due by July 25th! To learn more and apply, visit

📢 BRAND Startup League Referral Program: As members of the BRAND Startup League, we are happy to offer YOU - the Nerdy Diva community - $50 off your membership fee for the first year when you register with the details below.

We’re excited to meet and engage with you online:

🧑🏾‍🏫 Watch Nerdy Diva intern Shawn Taylor as he learns how to code in front of a LIVE audience!

Watch Shawn on Twitch!

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That’s all for this week. We appreciate you for sticking around. Talk to you soon!