Tech Tuesday: Resources to Increase Diversity

Hello and Happy Tech Tuesday! Here’s what’s going on in our world!

Special days, events, and more on our diversity and inclusion calendar:

👩🏾‍🏫 On Saturday, March 19th, the amazing Keisha Mabry hosted the third annual mastHERclass in St. Louis, MO! Nerdy Diva was a sponsor of the event, which was full of classes on content creation, motivation to find your creative voice, and plenty of stations to create your heart out!

✨ It was an amazing experience (once again, as I went in 2019), that I had the pleasure of attending. It was nice to see some friends I hadn’t seen in over a year, learn from Black women flourishing in their respective interests, and soak in the vibes of a supportive environment. Here are a few pics that highlight the day!

🙌🏾 This past Sunday, March 27th, Cartiay Reshay hosted her Second Annual Women's History Month Sip & Shop. Nerdy Diva was a sponsor of the celebration, which featured 10 plus unique vendors in the apparel, food, beauty, accessory, and wellness industries.

Take a look at what Nerdy Diva and its Founder are up to:

📓 We’re working out the details of an exciting partnership with a major streaming platform to provide UX training to students at HBCUs. More details coming soon!

The scoop on tips or tricks, plus words of advice:

📚 Here are a few resources to increase representation in your next tech project!

✍🏾 Illustrations:

  • Black Illustrations - beautiful, custom illustrations featuring Black people doing extraordinary things. Creating content for Mental Health Awareness Month, which is in May? Take a look at their “Mental Health is Wealth” pack here. [If you use this link to purchase something, we may earn an affiliate commission. Thank you!]

  • Humaans - an app for you to create mix and match features, clothing, and more.

  • Fresh Folk - a library of people and objects, from various mix and match poses to items needed to create scenes.

📸 Stock Photos:

  • POC Stock - high quality stock photos, videos, and illustrations featuring people of color.

  • - photos of Black and Brown people, for free.

  • TONL - culturally diverse photos that represent the world we live in.

📖 Language:

  • Self-Defined App - a dictionary that seeks to provide more inclusive, holistic, and fluid definitions to reflect the diverse perspectives of the modern world.

🌐 Accessibility:

Listen in and/or watch to catch the gems we’re dropping:

🎙 If you’ve every wondered what drew Shanae to UX, you’re in luck! The chat she had with Mimi Jacks, host of the podcast MProper Mimi, covers this and then some.

👩🏾‍💻 They talk about her love of UX, the brilliant and talented women she’s met throughout her career, plus diversity in UX design and APIs. Tune in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Castos Host.

📱Feel free to connect with MProper Mimi on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter!

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We thought you’d be interested in the following:

👀 We’re looking for interns! If you’ve already submitted your information for an internship - THANK YOU! 🙏🏾

We are a small team, so we’re reviewing candidates on a rolling basis. We appreciate your patience and will get back to you as soon as we can!

Here’s a little more about Nerdy Diva, along with the positions we’re looking to fill:

👩🏾‍💻 Nerdy Diva was created to fill the gap for inclusive design resources, training, and coaching for the designers, developers, and tech founders who are building the technology of tomorrow, locally and globally.

We focus on increasing diversity in tech, economic empowerment, and inclusive design, by:

  • Providing best in class User Experience, Development, and Angel Investing for businesses founded by women, people of color, and the LGBT community;

  • Empowering tech leaders with the resources and tools to create more equitable products, services, and workplaces;

  • Offering real-world internships for knowledge-building, access, opportunity and networking for underserved people in tech.

☝🏾The last point is where you (or someone you know) enter(s) the equation! See more details below.

📖 Nerdy Diva Summer 2022 Internship Details!

We are recruiting summer interns to support the work we started in the Designing Anti-Racism Into Your Products Workshop we hosted from 2020 - 2022 at various virtual conferences.

📱Our current work involves building out tools to check apps for harmful language and mis-representation, plus sharing alternatives that are empowering and build community.

Here are the intern roles we are bringing on board, including their descriptions and requested information:

📧 If you’re interested in applying, please email your resume and the appropriate portfolio requested to

💻 You can also apply via STL Youth Jobs. Registration on the site is required to view our internship opportunities.

🗣 Feel free to share this newsletter and graphic with a friend, fellow student or colleague who might be interested!

📰 A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the “Designing Anti-Racism Into Your Products workshop we presented for Camelback Ventures’ 2022 cohort of Conscious Tech Fellows. Today, we have another Camelback Ventures update!

🙌🏾 Starting April 8th, they’re accepting applications for their next fellowship, and we have ALL the details!

Camelback Ventures is looking for BIPOC, women, and non-binary entrepreneurs making a positive impact in their communities through education and/or technology.

Through their rigorous three-month accelerator - known as the Camelback Fellowship - Camelback provides $40k in funding, a dedicated venture coach, a tight-knit community, and an entrepreneurial curriculum.

You can learn more at

Ready to apply? Follow these steps:

  1. Check out the Application 101 hub for everything you need to know and prepare.

  1. Apply HERE by April 25th at 10 PM Central.

We’re excited to meet and engage with you online:

Well that’s all for this week. Thank you for sticking around. Talk to you soon!