Tech Tuesday Vol. 15: Level Up!

Hello and Happy Tech Tuesday! Here’s what’s going on in our world!

🍂 Happy Fall! September is a reminder to jumpstart learning.

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Fall is upon us and school is back in session. Fall reminds me to be open to change, new beginnings, and learning something new. I hope that you get some inspiration in your learning journey from this month’s newsletter. Look out for our posts on social media and share what you’re learning these days.

After this edition, we are switching to a new quarterly format to focus on sharing highlights about inclusive design, research and design for inclusive startups, tips for tech careers and internships, and more.

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🎉 Resources from the Nerdy Diva Team!

Learn about UX research, ethical design, and inclusive design practices

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💸 Career and interview tips for your dream job!

Do you ever get stumped about what questions to ask during an interview? You’re in luck, below I share some of my favorite questions to ask potential employers. Remember that the interview is a conversation. Highlight your strengths and the value you bring but also do your homework and to find the right opportunity for you.

My top 10 questions to ask during an interview:

  1. How do you maintain quality in design solutions?

  2. How do you promote building in time for research and design in a fast paced environment?

  3. What’s the relationship between UX, Product Management, and Engineering?

  4. What type of person will do well in this role? What are your expectations?

  5. What are your diversity metrics? How many women and people of color are in leadership? What are your company’s diversity initiatives and progress?

  6. What is your vision for the team in the next year? Long term vision?

  7. What is the company’s vision and highest priorities for the next year? Long term?

  8. Hardest part/challenges you face?

  9. What’s exciting about your position?

  10. How does your team celebrate?

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Inclusive Tech Glossary

  • In 2020, I led a workshop on Designing Anti-Racism which led to the creation of the UXPA Respectful Technical Glossary.

  • In 2022, I decided it was time to update this glossary and design a landing page and open source glossary on GitHub.

  • Nerdy Diva’s inaugural Summer 2022 internship was a huge success thanks to our partnership with St. Louis Youth Jobs.

  • Summer interns Anaya, Shawn, and Shancia put in amazing work on the design and development of Inclusive Tech Glossary (ITG). We also partnered with Matt Wynne of Cucumber BDD and Sharee Silerio, Tech Writer, who you’ve seen write some of our previous Nerdy Diva newsletters. The ITG which shares information about equitable alternative language that can be used instead of harmful language often found in tech.

  • Check out the work started in Figma and on Github!

    • ITG Wireframes and Mockup - Anaya Walker (UX Designer Intern), Sharee Silerio (Tech Writer), Shancia Morgan (Product Manager Intern), Shanae Chapman (Creative Director)

    • ITG on GitHub - Shawn Taylor (Developer Intern), Matt Wynne (Developer Advisor), Shancia Morgan (Product Manager Intern), Shanae Chapman (Creative Director)

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