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A note about writing, marketing communications, and psychology
      Septermber 7, 2020 Issue #14
Luna our kitten

How Does This Benefit Me?

Be preoccupied about your customer. Make your marketing about him. Because people are self-centered anyway. 

Every picture is a selfie 

My youngest daughter’s school is playing catch up from last year. When the students began virtual school in March, the consensus was the students would be returning in two weeks. Oh, how naïve we were.

Due to safety, I set an appointment and recently picked up her belongings, library books, and school yearbook. 

When she opened her yearbook, do you know the first page she looked up? Yep, you guessed it – herself. She looked for her picture in the homeroom class picture. The next page she turned to? Finding her image in the girls cross country team picture.

You’re not surprised. I’m not surprised. I do the same when I look at my smartphone. I look for me. It may be our brain

So if we know this about ourselves, we also know our customers turn their attention to themselves. 

“What's one thing you could do (you aren't doing now) that if you did on a regular basis, would make a tremendous positive difference in your business life? Stephen Covey

Then I thought about B2B companies and revised the question.  

“What one thing could you do (you aren’t doing now) that if you did it consistently, would make a difference in your customer relationships?

The answer

And as a copywriter who works with B2B marketers, an answer came to mind.

In your communication with a customer, what he wants to know is:

“What in it for me?”

What does he need? What does he want? 

You may think you know. But marketing consultant and author of Buyer Personas, Adlele Revella, says when business leaders plan their marketing strategy, they think about their company first.

“Either they start and end with solely company-focused goals (“let’s boost market share 25%”). Or the customer and the customer experience are secondary, if addressed at all.” Adele Revella, author of Buyer Personas

The most important person in the room

So focus on the “me.” I mean 'him." As in, your customer.

One person.

Because he cares about one person, himself.

And don’t guess what he wants. Ask him.

“Start with buyer interviews to understand what buyers want. Then prioritize sales and marketing efforts that make it easier for buyers to learn how you address each of their questions and concerns." Adele Revella 

All about your customer

Attract his attention by making the message all about him. Communicating to one, not many. The buzzword in B2B is personalization. Another way to think of personalization is person-alization, realizing you're talking to one person. 

Write to the audience of one. Because when you show (not tell) the ways he’ll benefit, you will also appeal to others like him. 

But first, attract the one.

Write to your ideal customer and dig deep to answer his question:

“How will this help me?”  



Revella, Adele. “2020 Success: Build Marketing Around The Buyers’ Needs, Not Yours.” Buyer Persona Institute, Accessed August 29, 2020.

“Habit 3: Put First Things First® | FranklinCovey.” FranklinCovey, Accessed August 29, 2020.

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Hello Friends,

How are you? I'm doing well. Like hundreds (thousands?) of families, we've adopted a new pet during the pandemic. Meet Luna, our new kitten (pictured in this note). She loves anything fuzzy.

Hope you're enjoying your Labor Day weekend with family and friends.

Thank you for reading!

Talk to you next month,
Shannan Seely
Healthcare and B2B Copywriter & Content Marketing Strategist
Seely Marketing Communications
("Luna" Image by Claire Downey)
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