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Monthly Newsletter | July 2020
Welcome to the July Edition of All Pet and Home Care’s newsletter!

Well summer is zipping right by! We hope you are enjoying it and finding ways to keep your pets and your family cool and entertained. If you didn’t get a chance to read last month’s blog, it offers many summer fun ideas for your pets. You can find it on our website under "About APHC > Blog".

In this edition we shine a spotlight on one of our favorite All Pet sitter’s, Jan Holman. We will have a little fun with a true and false quiz about our favorite “dog of mystery”, Maureen’s Boston terrier, Dylan. Rae shares her exciting news of rescuing an adult bonded pair of orphaned dogs! She also shares
information on the wonderful rescue organization that saved these two sweet little ones, Bridge to Home Animal Rescue. It has been quite the rewarding experience so far.

We also share the latest news on our favorite (ok, we may be a little partial) food truck for dogs, The Rollaway Dog Café. We have some exciting news to share about our latest venture, our homemade frozen treats to go in our new “pup cups”!

As always, we wish our friends a happy birthday and share a heartfelt goodbye to our duck friend, Dorothy, who crossed the rainbow bridge this month.

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful August!
-Your All Pet and Home Care family

Rollaway Dog Cafe "Neighborhood Tour"

Hello All Pet family! We just love to share news about the Rollaway Dog Café from time to time. It is our fun “pet” project (I do not apologize for the pun) and we can’t resist sharing it with others. We hope you enjoy hearing about it!

We mentioned last month that we have attended some neighborhood food truck nights. They have been well received and we have some upcoming invitations. I think people like having a reason to take their dog somewhere other than the same walk around the block.  

We would like to thank the neighbors of Blue Ridge Estates, Heritage Creek and Wilson’s Ridge for their support. We enjoyed meeting everyone in these communities.

Being that this summer is a HOT one, our new “pup cups” to go have been a resounding hit! It offers a way to still spoil your pet at home if it is too hot to safely bring them to the cart. We are extremely proud and excited to announce our cups will now be offered for sale at area retailers and dog friendly restaurants and breweries! Our first two retailers carrying these treats are ShuBrew in Zelienople and the Holistic Pet Nutrition Center in Harmony. We have many others interested and we will keep you updated as we add locales. The local support we have received in this short amount of time is nothing short of amazing. And we appreciate every bit of it!

Our to go cups retail for $5 a cup. It is the same size we offer your dog at the cart- 2 ice cream scoops full. The choices are watermelon slushie, goat’s milk snow cone, pumpkin kefir “ice cream” and turkey kefir “ice cream”. All are frozen solid enough to travel home without melting. Our “ice creams” are made with nothing but kefir and pumpkin puree or Sojo’s turkey and vegetable mix. We do not add thickening agents. Because of this, it freezes pretty solid. We have found this to be beneficial, especially if you are buying one to keep your pup entertained for a bit while you have a brew! Our own dogs love to lick on it as it thaws. The cup makes this perfect, as they can have some with you, and if there is any left, you can take the rest home! Our slushies and snow cones are a finer consistency so they have a faster melting point. They are also good choices for dogs unfamiliar with frozen treats or young puppies and older dogs that may like a softer item.

We are scheduled for a few upcoming dates. For the next three Thursdays, Zelienople is having an open air market on Main Street from 4-8pm. All of the local shops will have items to purchase outside their shops, as well as farm stands and other vendors set up along the sidewalks selling their goods. Please stop by and visit. All of the restaurants are working together to offer lots of outside seating. The town has set up various tents with tables for added safe seating and dining. There will not be (human) food trucks at these events, as this is to help out the local restaurants during this very difficult time for them. You can always take a treat home for your pup if you don’t feel like walking around town with them. Although, we assure you it is a very respectful and safe atmosphere if you miss being out. We look forward to seeing you!

On Tuesday, August 4th we will be set up in the Autumn Hill neighborhood off of Freedom Road in Cranberry Township. Stop out and say “Woof”!

If your neighborhood would like to have us there, please give us a call or drop us an email. We would love to share our treats with your pups!

The Rollaway Dog Café
(724) 822-0746

Fun Facts About Dylan the Dog
Test Your Luck With This Quick True/False Quiz!

Hello! My name is Dylan. I am a man of mystery. Maureen is my mom. Here are some funny facts about me. Can you guess which are true and which are false? Good luck! 
1. My family says I fart a minimum of 15 times a day! (I beg to differ.)
2. One time I decided Barbie shoes looked tasty and ate a pair!
3. I like to swim and in the summer I’ll sit by the edge of the pool to let you know when I am ready to be let in for a little dip.
4. My humans have many nicknames for me. Their favorites are “Dizzle Butt” and “Dindle”. (Oh the humanity!)
5. I am so talented I can hold treats on my snout and catch them in my mouth.
6. One of my favorite past times is sunbathing. I love to lay on lounge chairs in the sun.
Answers: 1.T,  2.F, 3.T, 4.T, 5.F, 6.T

Pet Sitter Spotlight
Meet Jan Holman

This month we would like to shine a spotlight on Jan, a beloved member of the All Pet and Home Care family. You may have only "met" Jan through your journal notes, but we can assure you, your pets know and love her! Thank you for all you do, Jan!
Tell us about yourself. What is your name and where are you from? 
My name is Jan Holman. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. I lived in Wexford from age 5 until after college.

How long have you worked for All Pet and Home Care?
I have worked for All Pet since March 2016.

Tell us about any current pets you may have.
 I have 2 Pomeranian pups, a male named Mateo and a female named Sassafras.

What was your first pet and what was their name?
As a child my family had a Weimaraner named Sue (Steel City Sue). Many more dogs were part of my family during my childhood.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time when you are not caring for our pets?
I enjoy reading, baking, crafts, gardening and bicycle riding.

Share a funny pet sitting or dog walking story with us: 
Taking care of the Gallagher silver labs pups has many funny stories, especially when they figured out the invisible fence didn't work (mouse chewed the wire) and how to get out of their crate by pushing on the door (They shared a dual crate). The door had to chained with a lock and key!
*Editor's note: The Gallagher labs certainly provide plenty of entertainment and funny stories, Jan!

Happy Birthday to Our July Birthday Pets!

  • Shadrack
  • Binx
  • Marley
  • Crag
  • Millie
  • Sophie
  • Oatmeal
  • KitKat
  • Lucie
  • Buddy "Bub"
  • Cooper
  • Paisley
  • Iris
  • Charlie
  • Felix
  • Violet
  • Tilly
  • Toby
  • Samson
  • Herbie

*If you do not see your pet’s name and would like them included please contact us so we may update our birthday information.

Heartfelt Goodbyes 

Our hearts go out to Sean and Rebecca on the loss of their sweet pet duck, Dorothy. Dorothy was a kind Peking duck who loved her swimming pool and her duck brother, Patrick and duck sister, Willow. Last summer was the first time I met Dorothy. She waddled over with Willow and Patrick for pets. I bent over to pet her and she grabbed my hair! She loved to pull your hair. Not to hurt you, just to play. I always looked forward to my duck visits. It is not every day we see ducks. Growing up near a farm, they bring back pleasant memories for me.

We know Dorothy is waddling around, looking for some hair to pull and a refreshing pool for a swim!

So We Just Adopted a Bonded Pair of Dogs!

IIt is Rae here! I wanted to share our new journey into adopting a bonded pair of dogs. For the last few months we have been searching for a rescue dog to become Pablo’s buddy. I had only been checking Pet Finder occasionally. When it comes to our pets, every single one has found us, in one way or another, so I wasn’t actively keeping up on it. A few Saturday nights ago, I could not sleep. I went on Pet Finder and checked my “filtered search” which included any aged dog 20 pounds or less. Pablo is very scared of larger dogs so we were only considering a dog similar to his size. Since he is only 6 pounds that really limited our search!

Then I saw the cutest photo and write-up of Bunni and Bubba, written by Bridge to Home Animal Rescue. First I laughed out loud. Then I TRIED to look at other dogs. But I kept going back to these two. I could not pass them by. In the morning I showed my husband, Brian. I wasn’t sure how he would react, since we NEVER even considered adopting two dogs. It took us 15+ years of discussion to finally become a multiple dog home! But he could not resist either and we agreed to inquire about them. I had long talks on the phone with Tracey, who runs the rescue and was fostering these two. I told her my concerns about Pablo, and how the decision was all Pablo’s. She understood and agreed fully. On July 8 we drove to her home with Pablo to meet them. Pablo took his good old time “warming” up (more like ignoring them!) as we all melted on one of the hottest days this year! But we gave them the time and patience they needed, to make sure this was the right decision. Bunni and Bubba were perfect. They gave Pablo the space he needed (demanded!) After nearly two hours, the decision was made. They were coming home with us! 

Today is day 12. Today Pablo finally decided to get comfortable and become a pack. They have wanted to go outside together, are sharing bones and bully sticks and greeting each other in the “proper” dog manner! We are over-the-moon happy! Everyone seems very content and safe here. We could not be any happier with how well this has gone already. It is always necessary to give them the space and time they need to acclimate. The general rule is at least two weeks when other pets are involved. We are right on track. We could not be more proud of these three. It has been a very rewarding experience thus far. We can learn so much from animals if we just pay attention.

I am also a firm believer in like-minded/hearted people being brought together for reasons we do not always immediately understand. I am convinced Tracey and this rescue came into my life for reasons beyond giving these sweet pups a new forever home. I look forward to a long relationship between us. She will always be Bubba and Bunni’s “Aunt Tracey” anyway!

Here is information about Bridge to Home Animal Rescue. Please consider adopting from them when you are ready for your next family member. Or share their information with friends. They run completely from donations. If you feel you would like to contribute, see the information listed below. Bubba and Bunni thank you!

About Bridge to Home Animal Rescue:
Bridge to Home Animal Rescue was started in December of 2017 when they took in their first dog. They named him Uno. He was a beagle puppy that someone adopted from PetLand and didn’t want two months later. They spent $2,000 on him. Uno found a forever family in about two weeks and is still with them today.

Bridge to Home is dedicated to helping dogs find their forever homes. Their dogs are kept in their family homes until the perfect forever home is found. For more information about Bridge to Home Animal Rescue, please visit their website or find them on social media.
Here is Bubba and Bunni’s hilarious Pet Finder write-up and adorable photo. Enjoy!

This is the story of Bubba and Bunni. In a previous life Bubba was a high school dropout. He smoked a pack of Camels every day and couldn't hold down a job. Bubba didn't just hang out with the kids from the other side of the tracks...he was the kid from the other side of the tracks. He was bad news. He hung out at the bar where he caused lots of trouble. He was constantly fighting over women....hence the missing teeth. His friends call him snaggletooth but don't call him that if you aren't his friend. His sister Bunni was  a different story. She had straight A's in school and went on to college where she studied to be a paleontologist. Bubba has now changed his life around. He enjoys pedicures and massages. He no longer smokes cigarettes. Bunni has retired but still enjoys carrying bones around and burying them for later. In all seriousness, this brother/sister duo have had a lot of heartache. Their Mom passed away and nobody in the family wanted them so the family called Animal Control to pick them up. Bubba is an independent eight year old Schipperke mix. He is happy with laying in a comfy dog bed on the floor. Knowing you are right there is good enough for him. Bunni a five year old Chihuahua mix however wants to be on your lap. She loves women and really misses her Mom, and she really does love bones and fetching toys. We were told that they can be separated as they aren't bonded, but when they are separated for just a few minutes Bunni misses her brother. We have made the decision to keep them together as we think they will be happier.

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