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Monthly Newsletter | August 2020
Hello All Pet Family!

Here we are, in the “dog days” of summer. (I never apologize for
my dog puns) We hope you and your pack are having a sun-filled time.

We have some fun and interesting information for you this month. We hope you enjoy it. We are thrilled to welcome so many new clients to the All Pet and Home Care family! We share a little “shout-out” to them. You know we love birthdays! We wish our August birthday boys and girls happy ones. Pablo shares one of his favorite products with everyone. Did you know Mother Nature created her own Benadryl long ago? We will tell you a little about quercetin- nature’s antihistamine. We share with you a Business we love that is near and dear to Rae’s heart (it’s NOT the Rollaway Dog Café this time, I promise!) And, finally, we share a heartfelt goodbye to a longtime dog friend client, Scruffy.

Have a safe and happy remainder of the summer. “See” you in the fall!
-Your All Pet and Home Care Family

Furry Fact Focus
Quercetin: Nature's Antihistamine

Did you know that quercetin is a natural antihistamine that is found in many foods and plants? Quercetin is found in apples (especially in apple skins), dark leafy greens, especially radicchio and spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and berries, especially in cranberries and elderberries.

Giving your dog apple slices as treats is also low in calories and high in fiber and vitamin A. Remember to buy organic apples, since the skin holds the most quercetin.

During the worst allergy months your dog may only need a boost of apples and goat's milk to make him more comfortable. It is always worth a shot before turning to medication.

This is just one of many ways to utilize what nature has to offer to cure common ailments. We love to share them with you!

If you would like to hear more, check out our YouTube video on our channel, Poop Bags and Litter Boxes. If you'd like to read more about quercetin, please read Rae's blog on our website September 1.

Pablo's Pick
Small Batch Small Bites

It is no secret that we love treats that serve a purpose. And there is nothing more satisfying than finding treats that our pets love and we approve of.  Our pack gives Small Batch their golden seal of approval!
We love Small Batch for many reasons. It is a family owned and operated business out of Portland, Oregon. They make frozen and freeze dried raw foods and treats for both dogs and cats.

They only use humanely raised meat that is responsibly sourced in the United States. All the produce used is organic and GMO free. 

They use salmon oil, hemp seeds and organic MCT oil for the healthiest combination of fatty acids and minerals. Their products contain two of our favorite immune boosters- mushrooms and fermented vegetables. The mushrooms support immune function and aid in digestion. The fermented vegetables aid in digestion by providing a non-animal source of pre- and probiotics.

Adding freeze dried Small Bites to your pet's diet as treats or as a meal booster in their food is an excellent way to provide vital nutrients your pet may be missing. 

Small Bites come in a variety of proteins, such as chicken, turkey, beef, duck, lamb and pork. They also carry freeze dried chicken, beef or pork heart treats. It sounds gross but it is one of the healthiest treats you can give your pet. If your pet is overweight or has allergies, these are the treats for your dog. They also have a line of frozen and freeze dried raw food. they are all big hits with Pablo and his pack!

The Holistic Pet Nutrition Center at 120 Perry Highway, Harmony, PA, carries the entire Small Batch line of food and treats. Stop in and talk to them about it. If you pick the right day, you may learn about it from me- Rae!

Business We Love!

Rae here.

I am proud to introduce this month’s business we love. Not only am I a customer for life but I am lucky to call one of the owners a personal friend. I have always been proud that I am not a huge consumer of any sort. I purchase what I need, and I try to use things until they need replaced. I strive to create as little waste as possible. And if anyone reads anything that I write, I am sure they have noticed two things- I despise plastic and chemicals.

For over ten years I have made it my mission to eliminate as many chemicals in my home, food, cleaning and beauty products, pet food and everywhere else possible. I had a pretty good grasp on most but I was having a difficult time finding a shampoo that wasn’t full of chemicals. The natural ones I tried did not work for my hair. When I tried Bare Elements shampoo bar my hair changed completely! I know it is not just my imagination either. I got a haircut last week.

My hairstylist told me my hair was the healthiest she’s ever seen it and asked what I was doing differently. Of course I excitedly shared! My other favorite products are their sunscreen/insect repellent and all of their lip balms and deodorants. In fact, I “may” have acquired a collection of both! Their prices are fair and shipping is lightning fast. I am not even kidding there. I placed my last order on a Monday morning and within minutes received an email that it had shipped. I had it Wednesday. I cannot say enough good things about this company.

I look forward to watching them grow. Nothing brings me more joy and satisfaction than to support local businesses that I know are personally pouring their hearts and souls into them. I wish nothing but the best for them. They are always learning and growing. And I am sure they will have even more exciting products to launch in the future. Give them a look and “like”. Below we asked Jess and Alanna, owners of Bare Elements, to tell us about their company and about themselves. Of course we wanted to know about their pets, too!

Bare Elements is a company that makes plastic free personal care and cosmetic products. We started our business February 14, 2019. We are located in New Castle, PA.

We originally started our business with the intention of providing our friends and family with natural products such as deodorant and shampoo. Throughout the process we became aware of the impact of single use plastics and decided it would become our mission to reduce plastic consumption. 

Our products are available online at

Our products are also available in select retail locations including:
 The Emerald Tablet, located at 42 East State St. Sharon, PA 16146, Higher Minds, located at 4541 Mahoning Ave NW Warren, OH and 12001 State Route 282 Garrettsville, OH 44231 and norapola, located at 570 Brevard Road, Retail Building A, Ashville, NC 28806. (
Bare Elements is owned by two women, Jessica Davis and Alanna Butler. 

Jessica Davis holds a master degree in music therapy and is a board-certified music therapist. She currently works with children and adolescents in an acute psychiatric facility. You can also find her waiting tables at The Harmony Inn (located in Harmony, PA) part time! She has two dogs: Maggie (a rescue retriever mix) and Rupert (a Dachshund/Shetland mix). Maggie is a medium size shy, but playful pup of 7 years who enjoys hikes in the woods and splashing in the creek. She has a red wavy coat with matching eyes. Rupert is small (like a tall dachshund), loud, and tough-at least he pretends to be (he’s not!). He enjoys lots of snuggles and herding chickens. He has a short black coat with a brown mask. She also has two cats: Cosmic Charlie Sol Yang (big, fluffy, pure white, one blue eye & one green eye) and China Cat Luna Yin (small, slender, pure black, green eyes). Charlie is an alpha-cat who likes to perch majestically on the front porch. Luna is sly and elusive as she hunts rodents. Jess also owns 16 chickens who enjoy free ranging around the yard (and sometimes the neighbor’s yard too, oops)! 
Alanna Butler is an ancestral healer, conjure woman, certified herbalist, meditation practitioner, certified drum circle facilitator, spiritual guide, and energy healer. She manages The Emerald Tablet located in Sharon, PA where she offers the previously listed services under the name ‘Practical Earth Mama’. Alanna is mom to an adorable toddler named Asha. She owns two cats. The oldest cat is a Maine coon named Shiva, who is a quiet and cuddly mama. The youngest cat is Catalina, who is a spunky short-haired black babe!

Happy Birthday to Our August Birthday Pets!

  • Levi
  • Gracie
  • Monster
  • Toby
  • Pippa
  • Lucy
  • Ruby
  • Bella
  • Spanky
  • Lincoln
  • Maisie
  • Hector
  • Enzo
  • London
  • Heath

*If you do not see your pet’s name and would like them included please contact us so we may update our birthday information.

Heartfelt Goodbye to Scruffy K. 

It is with a heavy heart that I write this memorial. They are never easy but they are even more difficult when I've had the privilege to really get to know the pet we are saying goodbye to.

I had the opportunity to get to know Scruffy K. He was my buddy. He was a happy fox terrier who absolutely LOVED chasing deer in his back yard, playing fetch and taking walks. He enjoyed life to the fullest. I never saw Scruffy unhappy. He loved a good ear scratch and was the first at the door when it was time to walk.

Our heavy hearts go out to Scruffy's parents. They've endured the loss of all three of their beloved dogs in less than two years. We find peace knowing Scruffy is running free beside his sister, Lacie and brother Stanley.

We would also like to extend our condolences to our own pet sitters, Jan and Rebecca. They knew Scruffy best and are also grieving.

New Pet Welcomes!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the new members of the All Pet and Home Care family. We are thrilled to introduce you to so many new friends! We even have Smokey the rabbit joining us.

And, possibly for the first time ever, the cats outnumber the dogs. Go kitties!
  • Johnny D.
  • Lulu M.
  • Oliver and Ginger J.
  • Anubis and Kevin L.
  • Maisie S.
  • Layla, Muffin, Sweet Pea and Smokey H.
  • Athena H.
  • Luna R.
  • Alice, Gruden, Moustache Face Kitty H.
  • Jacob and Zoey S.
  • Gypsy D.
  • Ruby R.
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