August 3, 2022
Face time

When news of National Cleanse Your Skin Week reached us, we were transported back to a time when astringent was the goal.

Sure, we could have gone with Clearasil, but the wonders of the magical, numerical formulation cooked up by Bonne Bell felt much more on point.

We may never know just what went into it but much like the Hawaiian Tropic story we shared a few weeks ago, the Ten-O-Six lotion was first cooked up in a garage, bottled, and sold door to door. 

Eventually it was found on every drug store cosmetics counter and in every teenager's medicine cabinet. That's right, guys used it too, even if they snagged it from their sister.

But don't worry, our lips are sealed ;)
Hospital wait times worsen
Source: Twitter/@NursesOntario
Emergency rooms across Canada are being pushed to the limit amidst ongoing staff shortages.

In Ontario, several hospitals have announced weekend closures or reduced hours in their emergency room and ICUs due to a lack of staff. Two and half years into the pandemic, not much has changed to alleviate the stress, leaving staff to work long hours with few breaks.
B.C. and New Brunswick's emergency rooms have seen similar closures and Statistics Canada reported nearly 137,000 job vacancies in the health sector as of June – double since early 2020.

A recent Canadian Union of Public Employees survey found that 87% of 2,600 registered practical nurses in hospitals have considered quitting their jobs due to poor working conditions and abuse from patient's families.
Despite Ontario Health Minister Sylvia Jone's promise of "an ambitious plan for the largest health-care recruitment and training initiative in the province's history," workers in the sector are doubtful recruitment will work unless the province rescinds the 1% wage caps introduced in 2019. 
Charter rights case for psilocybin
In a landmark case, eight Canadians are suing the federal government and the Minister of Health Jean-Yves Duclos for access to psilocybin and psilocybin therapy.
Seven patients and one health-care practitioner state that current access to the therapeutic drug is insufficient and violates Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, guaranteeing the right to life, liberty and security of a person. A similar argument was made in the 2000 case R v Parker, making way for Canada's first medical cannabis laws.
A non-profit out of B.C., TheraPsil is supporting these efforts with fundraising to cover the legal fees of each plaintiff. TheraPsil has also worked to help each plaintiff get legal access to psilocybin. CEO Spencer Hawkswell predicts this is the case that will legalize psychedelics in Canada.
Currently, there are three ways to access psilocybin legally for medicinal purposes: getting a personal exemption from the Minister of Health, getting authorized through Canada's Special Access Program or enrolling in a clinical trial – none of which do much to help patients living with a terminal illness or chronic pain.
Looking for value? Widen the search
If you're looking at the housing market and feeling priced out, you may want to cast your net outside of Ontario. Canadian company Zoocasa Realty Inc. did some number crunching to find the top three most affordable regions in Canada where houses are selling for less than $300,000 and Ontario was not among them.
The most affordable housing went to Saguenay, Quebec, with the average home price going for $267,353 with an annual price growth of 6.6% from last June.
Second place went to Newfoundland and Labrador with average homes going for $280,200 and an annual growth of 10.8%. Saint John, New Brunswick came in third with average homes selling for $294,900 and an annual growth rate of 30.1%.
Zoocasa spokesperson Patti Cosgarea said it's surprising how many markets are below the national average and says Canadians should continue to see prices drop as the Bank of Canada raises rates. Despite a decrease, professor Jill Grant of Dalhousie University’s School of Planning in Halifax predicts housing will not return to pre-pandemic prices any time soon due to a lack of supply and more people living alone.
Super star, super donation
Source: Instagram/@alphonsodavies
Canadian soccer star Alphonso Davies announced yesterday he will donate his World Cup earnings to charity.
On Instagram, Davies shared his gratitude towards Canada for welcoming his family and giving them an opportunity for a better life. He said, "It’s a great honour to play for Canada and I want to give back, so I’ve decided that I will donate this year’s World Cup earnings to charity.”
Davies was born in a Ghanaian refugee camp after his parents left Liberia due to civil war. He and his family came to Canada and settled in Edmonton, Alberta. How much Davies will win is yet to be determined but whatever the amount, he's giving it away.
The World Cup kicks off Nov. 21 in Qatar and marks Team Canada's second trip to the men's World Cup, a first since 1986. Davies is currently ranked fourth in The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) and is 43rd in the world rankings.
Davies was benched earlier this year due to myocarditis after contracting COVID-19. He returned in April and was named CONCACAF men's 2021 player of the year.
Pour some sugar on me
New research published in the journal Public Health Nutrition shows everyday packaged foods and drinks have a lot more sugar and alternative sweeteners today than they did 20 years ago.
Researchers from Australia's Deakin University said in their report these increases have "far-reaching" health implications including obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and tooth decay. The study looked at how much added sugar, non-nutritive sweeteners like aspartame, and natural sweeteners like stevia have been added from 2007 to 2019 and the results were troubling.
In that time, the non-nutritive sweetener content of drinks rose by 36% internationally and the added sugar content of packaged foods rose by 9%.
World governments have tried to combat this with an added tax on sugary sodas as in the U.K., promoting public health campaigns and adding labels to the biggest offenders. As a result, food and drink manufacturers have replaced excess sugar with non-nutritive sweeteners to evade consequences.
Researchers warn these non-nutritive sweeteners come with their own risks, including heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and disruption of the gut microbiome.
EV sales surge
You may have noticed more electric vehicles (EVs) on the road lately and you wouldn't be wrong. New gas-powered vehicle registrations went down countrywide by almost 10% in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the first quarter of 2021 but EV registrations went up by a staggering 55.2%.
With the highest number of EVs registered in a single quarter to date, StatsCan says they now hold a market share of 5.8% for this year's first quarter. Plug-in electric hybrids also saw an increase of 37.7% and new hybrid electric vehicles saw 3.8% uptick over the same period last year.
In contrast, new gas-powered vehicles saw the largest decline with 13.2% fewer registrations and diesel-powered vehicles went down 11.8%.
Almost all (93.1%) of new EV registrations came from Quebec with 7,522, Ontario with 5,688 and B.C. with 5,385. The only province that did not see EVs out-registered by gas-powered vehicles was Saskatchewan.
It all starts with a Nescafe
Source: Instagram/@funntastecom
Ice cream and coffee lovers, we are about to make your day. Nescafé has announced their first ever coffee-flavoured ice cream is ready to roll out this summer, hitting Malaysia for a few months first before going worldwide.
Owned by Nestlé, Nescafé has been around since 1938. Since making innovations in instant coffee in the 1940s, they have since released a multitude of instant coffee mixes and ready-to-drink bottled coffees. Now, it's time for dessert.
The ice-cream bars are coated in a special ganache recipe, striving to achieve the perfect balance of coffee, milk and sweetness in the taste.

The ice cream has a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans with a mild caramel flavour and the soft ganache shell is made to melt at the same time as the ice cream.

The ganache is infused with the flavour of Nescafé Gold coffee and the wrapper is said to be recyclable. Oh, to be in Malaysia right now.
And the list price is...
Ok, Chicoutimi, show us what you've got! We chose this house as an example of what's available in Canada's most affordable real estate market, Saguenay Quebec.

And also because it's where Staker Paul met the future Mrs. Staker Paul ;)

Built in 2015, large property 26 x 38 with double garage. 3 bedrooms and an office, open area with large entrance hall, spa, swimming pool, in a demand area just 2 minutes from the highway, close to schools and hospital.

The price? Find out here!
Have a great day ahead Staker!

Today's edition was written by Karli Vezina and Maureen Norman
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