Thursday July 7, 2022
Departs city in 5 minutes
Does anything feel as much like summer as piling into the ferry terminal, along with a couple hundred fellow escapees, while you await the arrival of the Sam McBride?

What was your favourite place to transit? Main deck, where it's covered? Or did you climb the stairs to sit outside in the open air? 

If you preferred the thrill of the wind on your face, you're gonna want to try the latest mode of water transportation currently being tested in Stockholm.

Candela, a maker of electric hydrofoil boats, has built a flying ferry, capable of getting you to your destination in half the time. 

Now if only they could cut the line in half ;)
Patrick Brown responds
Source: Twitter/@CityNewsTO
Patrick Brown's disqualification from the federal Conservative leadership race is unfolding in real time

Multiple and credible "allegations of serious wrongdoing" were sent to the leadership election organizing committee (LEOC), according to Ian Brodie, chair of the committee. Sources close to the LEOC say a number of Brown's campaign staff were being paid by corporations.

The campaign released a statement condemning the disqualification, accusing the party of trying to steer the race toward Pierre Poilievre, who is the perceived front-runner.

The statement said, "This is an indictment of the (Conservative Party of Canada), and a party that is not serious about winning a general election. It is an embarrassment. But, not for us." 

Brown himself went on CBC's Power & Politics yesterday, saying, "The party establishment was nervous that Pierre Poilievre wasn't going to win. And his supporters, Pierre Poilievre's supporters, are the ones behind this disqualification."

The Poilievre campaign responded yesterday, with a scathing rebuke of Brown's claims, saying, "As always, when caught, Patrick tries to make himself into a victim, but ultimately the only person responsible for his disqualification is himself."
Short staffing continues
We've talked a lot about the challenges businesses are having with bringing their staffs back up to full capacity. Part of what's causing inflation to soar is the inability of business to produce at full capacity, and that's largely due to staff shortages.

How bad is it? 42% of businesses in Canada are having a difficult time replacing the staff they were forced to let go at the beginning of or during the pandemic, according to one of the surveys released by the Bank of Canada earlier in the week.

Many of these businesses are now planning for the inevitability of having to raise wages to keep up with inflation and attract or retain employees.

The average business surveyed says it expects its wages to go up 5.8% over the next year.

This comes at a time when job vacancies are at a record high. Statistics Canada recently reported that they reached 957,000 in Q1.
Another big drop in sales
The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) is reporting housing sales in the region fell 41% in June compared to June of 2021.

In June of this year, 6,474 houses were sold, whereas 11,053 were sold in the same month last year.

TRREB says part of the reason is seasonal trends, but attributes all of the declines in large part to the Bank of Canada's work to cool the housing market by aggressively raising interest rates.

With interest rates so high, a great deal of otherwise interested buyers are being shut out of the market due to an inability to afford the mortgages that come with purchasing a home.

Furthermore, prices are beginning to fall, though not significantly enough to cause the kind of shift that would ultimately reset the market.

While prices were down around 6% in June compared to May, they were still up over 5% when compared to June of last year. New listings also rose when compared to June of last year, though only by 1%.
New labels coming
Source: Health Canada
Health Canada announced that certain types of food containing certain levels of sugar, sodium, or saturated fat will be required to display front-of-package labels indicating the contents of such nutrients.

These regulations will become official as of July 20, but companies will have until Jan 1, 2026 to meet the standards of the regulations. An extra several years will allow companies the time to alter their recipes in order to avoid having to display such warnings.

Foods that meet or exceed 15% of the daily recommended amount of saturated fat, sugar or sodium will be required to display a symbolic magnifying glass on the package that draws attention to the nutritional facts on the back.

Pre-packaged foods that meet or exceed 10% of the recommended daily amounts of the same nutrients will also be required to display the label, including pickles, salad dressing, cookies, and cereal.

Pre-packaged items intended to serve as a main course will have similar regulations, but the rules for these foods will be triggered for foods that meet or exceed 30% of the daily limit. The limit is higher for these because a main course dinner is intended to provide more of the daily recommended amount of any particular nutrient.
Well this is riveting
Paris's Iron Lady – also known as the Eiffel Tower – is in dire need of repairs, according to a leaked memo obtained by French magazine Marianne.

The tower was completed in 1889, designed and built by the civil engineering company led by Gustav Eiffel.

When it was first constructed, it was only intended to stand tall for the 1889 World Fair, remain upright for another 20 years, and then be torn down. It's been 133 years, and she's still standing, apparently just barely.

The tower is completely wrought with rust, a result of decades of corrosion going unaddressed. 

It's made of iron, which is highly susceptible to corrosion if not cared for, and the best way to prevent iron from succumbing to the elements is with a good paint job.

Once the corrosion takes over though, paint alone won't do the trick. It's possible the tower needs a complete makeover. May take a while, given its composition of 2.5 million rivets comprised of 7,300 tonnes of iron. 
Hot doggity
In the United States, the 4th of July is known for three things: celebrating America's independence, fireworks, and hot dog eating contests.

Joey Chestnut, possibly the greatest athlete of all time, has now won 15 hotdog eating contests, averaging nearly 70 hotdogs devoured each year. That's a lot of leftover hotdog water.

What does one do with hot dog water? Well, in Fort Worth, Texas, they make seltzers from it. That's right, the Martin House Brewing Co. is releasing a seltzer in a couple of weeks made from leftover hot dog water.

The seltzer will be launched by the brewery at Glizzy Fest on July 16, and yes, the event is a celebration of hot dogs and hot dogs will be served.

Martin House has a distinguished history of bizarre flavoured drinks, including the Salsa Verde, a roasted hatch chili pepper and lime-infused beer.

It has also made a sour pickle beer, and its most recent concoction is the Murph Juice, which is a beer that tastes like BBQ sauce.

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the imaginations of breweries.
Dino on the block
Source: Sothebys
The dinosaurs may have owned the earth for millions of years, but now that they've been fossilized, some human beings believe it's time to own the dinosaurs.

The skeleton of a T-Rex relative will be auctioned off at a Sotheby's auction in New York later this month, 76 million years after the not-so-friendly giant perished.

The Gorgosaurus was discovered in 2018 near the Judith River Formation outside Havre, Montana. This beast typically roamed the western continental United States and Canada around 10 million years before the first T-rex appeared.

If it were alive today, it would resemble the size of a small house, though a little shorter. A Gorgosaurus was typically about 10 feet tall and 22 feet long.

Estimated to sell for between US$5 million and $8 million, will it be the highlight of another Sotheby's auction, or the beginning of the next Jurassic Park? Time will tell.
Let the bidding begin
How about a little auction fun! We can't promise there's a T=Rex, but go ahead and try your hand at guessing the auction price for all sorts of collectibles.
Have a great day ahead Staker!

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