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Palmer : An Apple TV Plus Original

By Hari Pavan Y on Jan 31, 2021 09:26 am

The movie plot begins with Palmer (Justin Timberlake) getting down from a prison bus. He was convicted for attempt murder when he was in high school. He went to his grandmother (June Squibb) house as she is the only relationship in the free world.

She welcomed him with open arms into her house and said he has to follow a few rules to live under her roof. The first one is to go to church every Sunday with her and the second one is to find a job.

Next to her house, a family is living in a trailer. The father has his own issues and mother's an addict. The kid, he lives with the old lady when his parents are out. Palmer noticed sam (Ryder Allen) who is helping his grandmother.

Palmer goes to grab a beer and meet his old friends. They spent a very good night at the bar and woke up next to sam's mother Shelly (Juno Temple) in the trailer next to morning.

Palmer tries hard to find a job that is suitable for him but, everyone rejects him as he is a convicted felon. At last, he finds a job as a janitor at a local high school in the town where sam goes. Sam's a boy but likes to play with girls. Other kids in the school bully him all the time.

Palmer tries to change Sam but slowly understands him. While Palmer working as a janitor fells in love with Sam's teacher Maggie (Alisha Wainwright).

Meanwhile, Palmer grandmother dies and leaves the house to the local church and $5000 to palmer. One of Vivan's friends calls the child protection services to complaint against the palmer.

The remaining plot is how Palmer fights to be with Sam. Overall, the movie is a feel-good movie and you will definitely love the movie after watching it. You can stream the movie on Apple tv plus. If you happen to have a new Apple device, you will have a free subscription.

I would rate 7/10 

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how to stream your music from cloud storage without ads

By Hari Pavan Y on Jan 31, 2021 03:23 am

how to stream your own music from cloud storage

Nowadays everyone is streaming music from online, the old way of buying music cd and cassettes is old and outdated technology.

There are a few online music streaming services that allow you to stream for free but limit your music streaming quality and skips with annoying advertisements.  

What if I tell you there is an option where you can stream high-quality audio for free of cost with some hard work.

Don't worry about this process, it's just a little time consuming, no cost involved and some organising needed to make this work.

First, you need to choose the cloud service provider with a new email because it will not interfere with your regular email, you can choose g drive, one drive, box, dropbox. Be aware of the free storage, each provider has different free storage capacity. We prefer dropbox for privacy and drive for storage capacity.

If you have your own cloud or next cloud your data is very well secured with more privacy and you can be your own boss of your music. 

If you already have music which is organised and ready you can just upload it to your preferred cloud service. If not you can download it from the internet.

  • Download Cloudbeats from play store or the app store. 
  • Then log in to your cloud service provider account.
  • Navigate to your music folder, 
  • Then scan to add the music to the library.
  • Your music will be available on the app on your demand.
Now you can enjoy lossless online streaming with no advertisements and you can be your boss of the music.

If you are able to buy the premium app of the cloud beats, you can have the additional features.

Note: we are no way connected to cloud beats or the cloud service provider. If the cloud storage service providers removed your account, we are in no way responsible for that. Using this method to stream music is at your own risk. 

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