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Wednesday 21st of October | Curated by Yaniss Illoul

Hi everyone, hope you're doing well!

I missed last week's send-out and I don't have a good excuse for it, sorry about that... But I did work on a LinkedIn post where I analysed 500 Marketing-related newsletters emails in order to figure when emails blasts were being sent in terms of days of the week and hour of the day :). If you're interested in the visualisation and the data, my post is available there.

I found a lot of cool stuff to share though so I hope you will appreciate this edition!

- Yaniss

CASE STUDY: Despite GDPR: Up to 70% Analytics Opt-in rates

With GDPR being in effect since over two years now and many countries, states and even companies trying to follow the concept pioneered by the European Union, tracking visitor's data has been a challenge for marketers wishing to respect the law.

In order to abide by the rules and keep as much data as they could about their users, the team over at DHL tested various cookie opt-in forms placement on their website and shared the findings on their Analytics Blog. They found that a formal left-side banner was the best way to get their users to consent to being tracked across their platform with a 70% opt-in rate overall. Not bad.

You can read more about their experiment here.

More news and insights:

  • Animalz's Content Marketing Benchmark Report 2020: Animalz analysed over 150M page views from dozens of SaaS companies and decided to share their learnings on a pretty comprehensive free to access report. Insights available here.
A Free and Open Alternative to Zapier: Workflow Automation is a free and open alternative to the widely known workflow automation tool Zapier. As an advocate of open-source/fair-code, I had to give n8n a shout on this newsletter. While they don't offer as many integrations as their main competitor, they are supporting over 100 connectors at the moment and are adding new ones every week.

It does require some technical expertise to set up but considering the pricing structure of Zapier, it seems well worth it to me to invest a bit on the installation of n8n and not have to then face an ever increasing monthly bill from Zapier. You can learn more about over there.

A few more tools to check out:

  • This simple tool is what I have used to generate the two clean screenshots you saw in this email. Simply pop in the URL of the webpage you wish to capture, quickly edit the colours of your interface and export the result as a PNG. Free, open-source, dead simple. Link here.
  • Umami: If you're tired of depending on Google for your website analytics, I found a very sweet open-source, self-hosted and privacy-friendly solution. Umami is a very good looking website analytics platform that tries to keep things simple while still providing enough tracking features to be used in professional environments. Just take a look at the demo and you might just fall in love instantly. More details here.
The RevGenius Community

RevGenius is a recently create community of sales, revenue operations and marketing. As Marketing Technology tools and processes are often used by Sales Departments as well as Marketing Departments (Hopefully your two teams are working together!), I decided to give their Slack community a shot and I am very excited to report that this community already looks extremely promising. The members are very welcoming and the conversations diverse and more importantly, people are engaging.

I highly suggest you take a look at their platform to see if that is a crowd you can relate to :). More details on their website.

Other creators to check out:

  • Slack Communities: On the subject of instant messaging communities, I wrote a post some time ago about my favorite Slack workspaces that are free to join and will definitely help elevating your network and have a dedicated space where to ask questions and bounce ideas off of other marketers in your field. Link here.
  • CMO Series: If you're following Morning Brew/Marketing Brew, you might already be aware of their CEO's activities. Namely, Alex Lieberman is hosting a bi-weekly small show on LinkedIn live where he interviews CMOs and other inspiring marketing figures. I tuned in on a few episodes and some conversations can definitely be interesting to listen to. More info here.

And that's it for this week's email!

What did you discover this week that you think should be shared with your peers? I would love to feature your highlights in next week's edition of this newsletter so don't hesitate to hit the reply button with your nugget of wisdom :) Let's start a conversation!


- Yaniss

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