Back to school, again...

September already passed, weather is getting colder, but still, learning SwiftUI has been never been so easy. Last month lots of great stuff were published, let's start right ahead with all the latest articles!

Oh, by the way, Xcode 11 and Swift 5.1 is released!

Migrating from CocoaPods to Swift Package Manager

Learn how to use Swift Package Manager in Xcode. SPM now supports iOS and more, so it's time to ditch CocoaPods for good.

How to build SwiftUI apps using VIPER?

In this tutorial I'll show you how to combine SwiftUI with the VIPER architecture in a real world iOS application example.


How to write services for VIPER?

Not everything is a VIPER module. In this article I'll show you how do I separate the service layer from the modules, using Swift.



The Swift Community - September

Paul Hudson started the 100 days of SwiftUI:

If you are not sure how to start with SwiftUI now it's the perfect time to challenge yourself, by starting the 100 days of SwiftUI course.


Hacking With Swift


Yet Another Swift Blog


Swift Lee


Majid's blog


Use Your Loaf






Big Nerd Ranch


Craig Hockenberry


Erica Sadun


Swift by Sundell


Ray Wenderlich



Bitrise - Mobile Continuous Integration and Delivery

You should check out my favorite continuous integration & delivery service, because those guys at Bitrise are creating a truly amazing piece of software. It's time to automate your development workflow: save your time, try Bitrise!

Thank you guys for supporting my work!

One more thing...

Swift is getting more and more dominant, according to a year-by-year analysis. Apple is using a lot more Swift code in iOS13, than ever before. 


The new operating systems are really buggy, maybe this is just because of a massive Swift refactor. Also the release schedule was a huge WTF, but anyway it's really good to see these numbers. Fix the bugs guys (haha)! 


Thanks for reading, enjoy the autumn and remember: winter is coming! 
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