omg, this was a very busy month. I'm working on a really BIG project, which is not related to my blog at all, that's why I'm only able to create a few articles nowadays, but from the beginning of December I'm going to have more time... also just like Ilya Puchka I'm really fed-up with Ghost, I might go 100% Swift on the backend at some point in time using Vapor 4. Oh, by the way I made some new article about server side Swift this month...

A simple HTTP/2 server using Vapor 4

Get started with server-side Swift using the Vapor 4 framework. Learn how to build a really simple HTTP/2 backend server.

Custom views, input forms and mistakes

Just a little advice about creating custom view programmatically and the truth about why form building with collection views sucks.


The ultimate Combine framework tutorial in Swift

Get started with the brand new declarative Combine framework in practice using Swift. I'll teach you all the goodies from zero to hero.

The Swift Community - October

Well, it's almost end of the year and I just realized that I'm collecting all these articles every single month. What do you think, should I make a "best articles of the Swift developer community in 2019" blog post based on my huge collection? Please tell me your opinion on twitter!


Hacking With Swift


Yet Another Swift Blog


Swift Lee


Majid's blog


Use Your Loaf






Big Nerd Ranch


Erica Sadun


Swift by Sundell


Ray Wenderlich



Bitrise - Mobile Continuous Integration and Delivery

You should check out my favorite continuous integration & delivery service, because those guys at Bitrise are creating a truly amazing piece of software. It's time to automate your development workflow: save your time, try Bitrise!

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