Site updates

Last month I was working a lot on my site. This means I had to refactor the entire admin interface, which took quite a long time, but I'm really happy with the results. I learned a lot about Vapor 4 during this period, I already shared some of this knowledge on the blog, but even more is coming in the future.

I also published a guest post written by Thomas Lore about ObjC vs Swift.

The anatomy of Vapor commands

Learn how to build and run your existing Vapor apps using various command line arguments, flags and environments.

How to use middlewares in Vapor 4?

Learn how to create middlewares for a Vapor based server side Swift application to handle common routing functionalities.

5 reasons to choose Swift over Objective-C

When it comes to iOS development, one of the biggest questions is whether you should use Objective-C or Swift.

How to write Swift scripts using the new Command API in Vapor 4?

Shell scripts are essentials on the server side. Learn how to build Swift scripts for your backend apps using property wrappers.

Indie Support Weeks

An open two-week effort aimed at helping indie developers within the Apple Developer Community who have been financially impacted by the current global COVID-19 pandemic.

Discover indie apps on The.Swift.Dev.

I dedicated a brand new section on my site to help people discover apps created by indie developers. Please spread the word & help them by downloading and purchasing as many apps as you can. Thank you.

You should know about...

Xcode 11.4 with Swift 5.2 is here
Apple released the latest version of Xcode, alongside with Swift 5.2. If you are Linux you should upgrade to Swift 5.2.1 right away (forum post).

Vapor 4 is marked as RC
Vapor 4 is just around the corner, the official release process already started, so you should definitely keep your eye on it from now.

Practical Combine is now available
The long awaited book by Donny Wals is ready. If you want to learn about the Combine framework, you should definitely grab your own copy.

London App Works - Making your business mobile

We understand businesses, large and small. We are ready to deliver your business idea and bring the apps you need to life. The next chapter of your success story is just a click away. 

Contact us now
Thank you for supporting my work.

Future plans

I'm working on two things now:

1. A book about Vapor 4.
I already have lots of articles on my blog, this month I'm going to focus on polishing those and hopefully by the end of April there will be something that I can call a draft. I've never written a book before, I know it's going to be a long but exciting journey... I can't wait to share the final result with you.

2. An open-source CMS based on Vapor 4
More than 10 years ago with my university mate we've made a CMS written in PHP. Now it feels like 2010 for me, since I'm doing it all over again in Swift, using Vapor. If you like modular architectures, this will blow your mind. 

Let me end this newsletter issue here, can't wait to share more details...

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