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in the end of the last month I've started a brand new discord server to discuss anything about Swift development, projects, ideas, etc.

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The.Swift.Dev - February

February was quite busy for me, I couldn't deliver as much as I wanted, but still lots of new things happened. As you might noticed I'm trying to operate two brands for my smaller projects. Binary Birds is the place for anything related to server side Swift, CoreKit is my visual frontend library that helps me building appleOS apps. I've open sourced last month the following things:

I've also written some new articles & polished an old one:

Beginners guide to functional Swift

The one and only tutorial that you'll ever need to learn higher order functions like: map, flatMap, compactMap, reduce, filter and more.

Bash aliases for Swift developers

Here is a collection of super useful shell scripts and bash aliases that helped me a lot during the time to boost my productivity.

Styling by subclassing

Learn how to design and build reusable user interface elements by using custom view subclasses from the UIKit framework in Swift.

Top 20 iOS libraries written in Swift

I gathered the best open source Swift frameworks on github that will help you to speed up mobile application development in 2019.

How to use iCloud drive documents? (refactored)

Learn how to sync files and data through a shared iCloud drive folder using the latest version of Swift programming language.


The Swift Community - February

New betas are still arriving for Xcode 10.2, we are definitely getting closer to the final release (including Swift 5). Apple also enforced two factor authentication for developer accounts, plus WWDC19 dates were officially confirmed: June 3-7, San Jose. Although my favorite thing this month was the SSS celebration from RW:


Introducing the Server-Side Swift Celebration!

The folks at made an amazing collection of server side Swift tutorials, if you are into Vapor / Kitura / NIO you should check it too. 


Lots of new articles were created in February as well, here is the complete list of the best posts I've discovered last month:

Hacking with Swift

Swift by Sundell










Use Your Loaf


Swift in Depth


Pierre Felgines


Paul Samuels


Majid's blog


Ray Wenderlich


Thank you for reading!

That's it for February, I hope you'll have a great time by reading these articles, feel free to send me suggestions and ideas through discord or twitter! Bye for now, see you next month!

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