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So you might have noticed that has a brand new look and feel. It's because I migrated to Vapor 4 early in January, 2020. That helped me a lot to deliver a better user experience. I'm extremely happy with the automatic dark mode support, since most of the devs prefer darker colors during the night. The site is running smooth, most of the loading times are below 1sec on average. 

Anyway, I've learned a lot about Vapor and made some new articles this month, here is an overview of everything what I've published in January. Special thanks to Ákos Véber for writing a guest post about UX and accessibility.

What are the best practices to learn iOS / Swift in 2020?

Are you learning iOS development? Looking for Swift best practices? This is the right place to start your journey as a mobile application developer.

Beginner's guide to Server side Swift using Vapor 4

Learn how to build and host your very first backend application using Vapor 4. Contains a few things about the history of server side Swift.

How to learn modern UIKit?

Take the first steps with me to learn how to build user interfaces using the UIKit framework. Programmatically in Swift, without storyboards.

How to deliver better user experiences as a Swift developer?

Learn the basics of user experience design with some accessibility tips that you can use immediately to build better mobile apps for everyone.

How to download files with URLSession using Combine Publishers and Subscribers?

Learn how to load a remote image into an UIImageView asynchronously using URLSessionDownloadTask and the Combine framework in Swift.

The Swift Community News

Last year every month I've gathered all the best articles from the Swift community & published the very best in this section. This year I won't continue this trend, since I've got something way better for you: 


It's an experimental news feed for Swift developers. You can check all the latest Swift related articles in one place. It's completely FREE. I hope you'll like it.

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Bitrise - Mobile Continuous Integration and Delivery

You should check out my favorite continuous integration & delivery service, because those guys at Bitrise are creating a truly amazing piece of software. It's time to automate your development workflow: save your time, try Bitrise!

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