MacBook "Pro"

my MBP is broken... again. Can't freakin' believe, 4th time in a row this year. I'm really sorry about it, because I just started to work on my revamped site written in Swift, plus I had some really neat articles in the works, but since I don't have a mac I had no spirit to work on those from an iPad. 

In the meantime a new MBP 16" just arrived...

I'm definitely going to upgrade, although I feel really annoyed & upset because of the issues with my current model. Apple should simply offer some kind of "cheap" upgrade option (or a free magic keyboard) for past generation owners as a compensation. :P

I'm planning to work a lot on the blog in december. Consistency is the main issue with my site, but raising 2 little kids, having an almost-full-time freelancer job and running a blog is hard. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway the Swift community is still doing an amazing job, here are the best new articles from November:

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Enjoy the holiday season! I'll be back next year on the 6th of January, with some really amazing newsletter content. Bye!
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