TSD updates

February was such a busy month. I updated my site a couple of times, plus I wrote many longer articles mostly about server side Swift related things.  Ákos Véber posted his second article on the blog, thanks for him again.

The ultimate guide to unit and UI testing for beginners in Swift

Learn how to write real-world Unit/UI test cases for your iOS app. This one is a practical 101 testing article for absolute beginners.

How to create your first website using Vapor 4 and Leaf?

Let's build a web page in Swift. Learn how to use the brand new template engine of the most popular server side Swift framework.

Code coverage for Swift Package Manager based apps

Learn how to gather and display code coverage reports for your Swift packages both for macOS and Linux without using Xcode at all.

Behind the Scenes of Product Development

Introduction to methods used by product professionals to define problems, create concepts and choose the best solution to implement.

A tutorial for beginners about the Fluent PostgreSQL driver in Vapor 4

Learn how to use the Fluent ORM framework. Migrations, schemas, relations powered by PostgreSQL, written in Swift.

The Swift Community News

The news feed is now grouped by days, plus I added some new sites to the feed sources. Feel free to send me your RSS feed if you want to be part of this awesome news list!


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You should know about...

Swift Argument Parser
Apple open-sourced a type-safe argument parsing library for Swift. If you are into Swift scripts, you should definitely check this library. 

Xcode Build Settings
There is an amazing website about Xcode build settings made by Mattt.

The iOS Developer Community Survey
More than 2000 developers participated in this survey (created by Dave Verwer) and the results are now available to the public. Have fun! 

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I'm looking for new sponsors, please check the sponsorship options if you want to promote your product or service by supporting my work. Many thanks.

Future plans

I'm working on a redesigned admin interface for my blog, plus I refactored pretty much everything using the latest Vapor 4 version. Vapor reached the release candidate status, this means that the final version will arrive real soon alongside with Swift 5.2 & Xcode 11.4. 

I'm thinking about writing a book about Vapor 4 for beginners, but I'm still not sure about it. It'd take a lot of time, but I love the idea of having my own book. I'm also pretty much in love with backend development again so that's  a great motivator. Anyway, we'll see... thanks for reading! :)

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