Today: WWDC19!

Finally the big day is here. As usual Apple is going to live stream the event. Personally I can't wait to see iOS13 with dark mode & the new Music app for macOS. Fingers crossed for a better automation tool, Shortcuts app for the mac maybe? Please... pretty please... :)  

The.Swift.Dev - May

After a short, but though project delivery I had to take some break, that's why there were no articles in the first half of the month. Now I have multiple articles in the works, plus I'm trying to find an alternative to the ghost platform, because the new editor is driving me crazy... 

Building input forms for iOS apps

Learn how to build complex forms with my updated collection view view-model framework without the struggle using Swift.

Promises in Swift for beginners

Everything you ever wanted to know about futures and promises. The beginner's guide about asynchronous programming in Swift.

Understanding provisioning for iOS applications

This time I'm going to explain everything about the mysterious iOS provisioning process and the structure of a provisioning profile.

NOTE: You can find the original article on, or read it on The.Swift.Dev.

The Swift Community - May

This time I'd like to mention three new things. The first one is that there is a brand new job portal for iOS developers, if you are looking for a new opportunity, you should definitely start there. The second thing is about WebAssembly & Swift. SwiftWasm can compile your Swift source code to WebAssembly, let's go give it a try. The last one is a beta announcement, but it's quite interesting for those who want to run Swift on the server side: Vapor Red beta is here

Now, let's see the articles from this month...

Hacking with Swift


Swift by Sundell








Use Your Loaf


Majid's blog


Ray Wenderlich




Bitrise - Mobile Continuous Integration and Delivery

You should check out my favorite continuous integration & delivery service, because those guys at Bitrise are creating a truly amazing piece of software. It's time to automate your development workflow: save your time, try Bitrise!

Thank you guys for supporting my work!

Bye for now!

This week is going to be all about WWDC news, I'll also post some updates, maybe a dedicated post about the new features / goodies. As always, thanks for subscribing & reading, feel free to send me suggestions and ideas through discord or twitter

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