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"The secret to having it all is believing you already do."

Are you familiar with the "abundance mindset"? The term is often attributed to American author and educator Stephen Covey. He wrote: "Most people are deeply scripted in what I call the 'scarcity mindset.' They see life as having only so much, as though there were only one pie out there. And if someone were to get a big piece of the pie, it would mean less for everybody else."

On the other hand, those who favor the abundance mindset over the scarcity mindset make the choice to live life with a deep sense of personal worth and security. They think big. They believe there is plenty of opportunity to go around, in both life and business. They embrace change. They are proactive and take responsibility. They see limitless possibility.

At Beyond AUM, the abundance mindset is core to our culture and philosophies — from the work we do with our clients to the way we work together as a team. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are sharing the ways in which we strive to live abundantly and grow personally and professionally (with the hope these tips inspire you, too):
  • Be open to everyone and everything. Embrace opportunities to connect with new people. Be curious about their goals and generous in how you can help them move forward. Celebrate their accomplishments. Create win-win situations for shared success. Your actions don't always have to tie back to your business, either. Authenticity wins, every time.
  • Contrary to what you learned in math class, there isn't just one answer to every problem you face. Don't get hung up by laser-focusing on one solution; you could be overlooking something that's right in front of you. Explore your options. Take control of your actions. Be accountable. And understand that sometimes, the solution lies in finding new, creative perspective. You and you alone don't always have the answer.
  • Be a baker, not an eater. At the risk of overdoing it on the Thanksgiving puns, this tip is key to cultivating abundance. Eaters take the negative view when it comes to challenges or problems they face. They are limited in their thinking. They have difficulty sharing recognition, credit, and power, even with those who helped them produce everything they needed to achieve their success. Bakers, on the other hand, are generous, optimistic, open, and resilient. They share the fruits of their labor with those around them. And surprise, surprise: they make the best leaders. Effective leaders are abundant in their influence. They encourage creative thinking. When someone makes a mistake, they use the situation as an opportunity to teach and share their knowledge, instead of criticizing and demeaning. And most importantly, they naturally empower everyone who comes into their orbit — from their clients to their team members — to be their very-best selves.
Go forth and live with abundance! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Beyond AUM.

Food for Thought

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