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Vintage Underwood typewriter with words, In this issue
  • Three behaviours we need to practice right now
  • The power of words and images
Events of Interest
  • "We Need to Talk" - Digital changes everything, with guest Janneke Ritchie
  •  Managing your own mental health (Invest Ottawa)
Worth Sharing
  • The fourth annual UnLonely Film Festival
  • Fear ageism, not ageing (Ideas, CBC Radio)
  • OK Boomer (Facebook Video)
Activities & Entertainment
  • Levity Link:  Another way to do away with your bills (Video)
  • Walk around the globe without leaving your couch
  • Experience four decades of change with Google Earth's time-lapse feature
Guest Contributor
  • Advertising and older adults


Dog looking out window, waiting patiently for owner's return.


By Virginia (Ginny) Merritt
One day, many years ago, I was walking in Belleville, Ontario, on a street lined with older houses built on some of the city’s steep hills.  Stairs, adorned on either side by rock gardens, allowed residents to mount the abrupt grades from the sidewalks to their homes.  On that day, a dog was perched, perfectly still, on the top step as though it were a lion guarding the gates of a mansion, while its owner tended his rock garden.  When asked by my companion, “What is your dog doing?”, the man replied, “Practicing his patience.”


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Symbols of seniors with words:  engaged, energetic, experienced robust, wise, resilient, productive, creative, healthy
Image:  Adapted from Centre for Ageing Better
The Power of words and Images
By Helen Hirsh Spence

Close your eyes when you finish this next sentence; then read on. What is the first image that you conjure up when you think of someone who is elderly?
Was it the image of someone robust, energetic, and spry? Or did you envision an older person, hunched over, using a cane to cross the street?
Monkey in 'speakers pose' with the words:  "We need to talk"

DATE:  Wednesday, May 19, 2021
TIME:  12:00 to 1:00 pm (ET)

TOPIC:  Digital Changes Everything,
              with guest Janneke Ritchie


Imagine the days before telephones, cars, airplanes, or even disposable diapers. Now think about how it felt to come face to face with technologies that not only improved, but upended daily life.  While the benefits are obvious now, there was often a steep learning curve as people hastened to adapt.  The same can be said of today’s leading-edge digital technology.  New innovations are being developed at lightning speed, yet the path for adaptation and integration has remained much the same.
Digital technologies will continue to transform how we work, live, and age.  Explore how different generations approach digital technologies and how intergenerational partnerships create unbeatable outcomes for all.
Join us for our next “We Need to Talk”  with Janneke Ritchie.  In conversation and in breakout groups, we will:

  • unravel some of the perceived complexity of technology
  • identify new resources
  • help to up your technology game

About Janneke:  Janneke (“Yonica”) Ritchie has spent 20 years designing and implementing solutions to enhance the adoption of new technologies for large corporations. Janneke designs solutions that empower people to go digital and take advantage of modern technologies. As the host of brickTObytes she shares the messy realities, challenges, and frustrations of adapting modern tech to suit your needs and how it can change your life.  More about Janneke

Managing your own mental health (Invest Ottawa)


Date: May 4, 2021, from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Cost:  Free (webinar)
Explore what mental health is in the workplace and what it’s not. By understanding this and its difference to mental well-being, we can regain a sense of control. Our speaker, Nancy Morris, will explain what stress is and what we can do about it. Paired with interesting brain facts, it will help make YOU and your business become more successful. 
Ms Morris is a Certified Business Psychologist who has helped businesses of all sizes improve work performance and revenue by focusing on the psychological well-being of everyone in the organization.
This workshop is part of the Prioritizing Mental Well-Being: A Workshop Series for Entrepreneurs. Recent studies show that 2/3 of entrepreneurs experience poor mental well-being. This can be anything from stress to burnout to breakdown. In this series, various speakers will showcase how you can support your own mental well-being, red flags along the way, share their own experiences, and equip you with tangible tips.
Upcoming webinars in this series:


The fourth annual UnLonely Film Festival

The UnLonely Project, a signature initiative by the Foundation for Art & Healing, broadens public awareness of the negative physical and mental health consequences of loneliness while also promoting creative arts expression as a means to improve health and well-being for individuals and communities.
Learn about the Fourth Annual UnLonely Film Festival, and its 35+ short films to inspire, engage, and inform by visiting The Foundation for Art & Healing.  Choose by film duration (1 to 20 minutes), or by a variety of topics such as: Creativity &  Connection, Everyday Life, Healing after Loneliness, Health challenges, LGBTQ+, Mental Health, Older Adults, People of Colour.
Better still, join the Film Club, and every Friday you’ll get a Featured Film delivered right to your inbox. Watch the film, then join in the conversation to share your thoughts, and chime in on the comments of others. It’s an easy way to connect, and that’s what the UnLonely Project is all about!
Take two-and-a-half minutes, right now, to watch the inspirational, “Gravity” Wheelchair Dance by Marisa Hamamoto & Piotre Iwanicki (Infinite Flow, an inclusive dance company).

‘Fear ageism, not aging’:  How an ageist society is failing its elders (Ideas, CBC Radio)

Image:  Ben Nelms/CBC

In Canada, 81 per cent of all COVID deaths occurred in long-term care. Age critic and theorist Margaret Morganroth Gullette calls what happened 'eldercide.' Despite our denial, we are all old people in training. And to become old often means to become 'the other' in Western society. It's a reality that experts and senior advocates can attest to.  Read more / Listen to Ideas

OK Boomer (Facebook Video*)
Disclaimer:  This video contains language that may offend some viewers.


Comedian Bill Maher hails the value and wisdom of older adults and turns the tables on the younger generations. “A funny thing happened on the way to the old-age home. Biden slayed the Orange Dragon and with an approval rating of 59%. He got better at 78. Writing someone off simply for their age is the last acceptable prejudice. The younger generations hate every ism except ageism.”  Watch here.   *You must log into Facebook to view this video.


Levity Link:  Another way to do away with your bills (Video)

Shred them?  Delete them?  Click on the image below to see what a kick this little one gets out of doing away with the family’s bills.  WATCH HERE

Walk around the globe without leaving your couch

City Walk’s videos do a wonderful job capturing life in big cities, writes Suzanne Humphries of Review Geek. The platform features peaceful videos of walks through cities like Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Lyon, France; Vilnius, Lithuania; Athens, Greece; Taipei, Taiwan; Chefchaouen, Morocco; Las Vegas, United States; Hanoi, Vietnam; Istanbul, Turkey; and Mexico City, Mexico. New videos and cities are added every day. Choose your virtual destination, view them with or without the street sounds, toggle between night and day.  Click on Suzanne Humphries to read her full article, and be sure to visit City Walks.
Experience four decades of change with Google Earth’s time-lapse feature


Receding glaciers, rapid urbanization, and illegal slash-and-burn agriculture. These are just three events that you can witness with 3D Timelapse, an ambitious new Google Earth feature that utilizes 37 years of data to show how quickly we’re changing our planet. There are also guided tours with a focus on specific areas. It’s absolutely fascinating. Read More in this Review Geek article by Andrew Heinzman.  Explore the whole planet.
Advertising and older adults
By Cindy Kelly, Winnipeg

Image:  Tim Hortons

Think back to the days before the pandemic.  When was the last time you visited Tim Hortons or McDonalds to order something and enjoy it with your friends?  How often did you see older adults in these businesses?
I’m Cindy K., from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I’m in a new chapter of my life, recently retired from the Federal Government.  Any time my husband and I would stop at Tim’s or McDonalds to order something, it was difficult to overlook the many older people gathered together, socializing, sharing stories.  Read more
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