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Hello Everyone,

I love the feedback, keep sending it my way! Here are 7 things I thought were worth sharing with you this week:

  1. Sharon Blackie is one of my favorite authors and she has just begun a FB group - The Mythic Imagination - that "exists to bring together women and men who wish to explore the cultivation of the mythic imagination, and to facilitate the reclamation of indigenous European ways of being in the world. This lost heritage of Western spirituality will be explored through many avenues." She announced yesterday and last time I checked she has almost 1,000 people signed up. I am blown away by the personal stories people are sharing - so inspiring!
  2. When The Tower card shows up in a reading, it tells me that the person is going through a moment of deep disruption. They may have had a wonderful or a terrible insight that has rocked their mind and their way of perceiving the world around them. 
  3. A beautiful short video by Jim Enote, a traditional Zuni farmer and director of the A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center, who is working with Zuni artists to create maps that bring an indigenous voice and perspective back to the land, countering Western notions of place and geography and challenging the arbitrary borders imposed on the Zuni world.
  4. How do you make choices? Pro and con list? Ask for advice from friends or family? Maybe a Google search? What about going within and asking your Inner Self
  5. Over the past decade, we have developed a “resonance theory of consciousness” that suggests that resonance—another word for synchronized vibrations—is at the heart of not only human consciousness but of physical reality more generally. Fascinating piece in Scientific American that seems to affirm what mystics have known for millenia.
  6. I've been listening to Steve Nobel's meditations for over a year now and I find them soothing and healing. This is for the Archangel MichaelIn this meditation we call upon Archangel Michael and all angelic forces working with this being to seal and protect your energy field from lower energetic interference. We call upon the electric blue flame of Micheal along with his sword of light. We also call upon the shield of Michael which shields and deflects lower energies from attaching to our fields.
  7. This week's lesson on How to Develop Your Psychic Skills. As always, if there's something you're interested in learning about or a particular skill you'd like me to cover, just reply to this email and I'll add it to my list.
~ Thanks so much for visiting with me ~
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Keeping the Lights On

The links below are affiliate links, I receive a small commission from any sales resulting from your clicks. This costs you nothing at all and helps support my work. I only promote individuals, products, or programs that I have confidence in their value.

The tapping summit began on February 25th and continues through March 6th. Each evening they release two pre-recorded videos with experts in the field of energy medicine who use EFT/Tapping in a variety of ways. They also release a meditation relating to the topic of the day. All of this is free.

I can't recommend it highly enough - it is well worth your time. Once you've registered you have access to each recording for 24 hours after the initial airing.

The summit is free to everyone who signs up. You will have the option to purchase the summit if you feel inspired to - but you do not need to enter a credit card number and there is no obligation. I watched the summit last year and was able to use tapping (also known as EFT) in a much broader and effective way. 

The Shift Network

These three courses from the Shift Network focus on improving your health and well being from a variety of perspectives. You can try out a free webinar and then, if you feel it will be helpful, you can register for the course. The Shift Network does not require any credit card information in order to register for their free webinars.

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Essential Energy Practices for Empaths
Desda Zuckerman will help you discover how to sever useless, unnecessary energetic entanglements so you can free yourself from countless burdens that you didn’t even know you were carrying around.To discover how to take your healing into your own hands… and open yourself to greater clarity, self-expression, and a happier body, register for the free event

Discover the Power of Practical Animism

As an author, a licensed psychotherapist, and a doctor of psychology, Daniel Foor draws from his extensive apprenticeships with traditional peoples and weaves his wisdom together with psychology for personal, cultural, and Earth healing. Ancestral medicine and animism teacher Daniel will introduce you to ways in which you can start to re-establish the lasting reciprocal relationships with our other-than-human family that can be pivotal to shifting your evolution and that of our planetregister for the free event
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