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Emma Deva ~ Practical Spirituality
Hello Everyone,

Here are 11 things I thought were worth sharing with you this week:

  1. For Valentine's Day I shared a sampler of love - see what catches your fancy, because in the end, it's All About the Love!

  2. “Your heart beat in my ribs and mine in yours, and both in God’s… It is a strange feeling — no hopefulness is in it, no despair. Content — that is it… The divine magnet is in you, and my magnet responds.” A beautiful paean from the BrainPickings blog to the literary lovers Emily Dickenson, Herman Melville, Virginia Woolf, 

  3. While sex is only one aspect of love, it is deeply significant. How we negotiate our sexual relationships is good piece by Rebecca Kukla in Aeon: "Communication is essential to ethical sex. Typically, our public discussions focus on only one narrow kind of communication: requests for sex followed by consent or refusal. But notice that we use language and communication in a wide variety of ways in negotiating sex. We flirt and rebuff, express curiosity and repulsion, and articulate fantasies."

  4. When we're talking about love, we can't forget about loving ourselves - our imperfect human selves and our eternal Divine selves. A lovely little piece from Rob Brezsny.

  5. Practical spirituality means that we don't put time aside from our life but we integrate our skills and practices into our days. We don't isolate ourselves from Spirit. Chanting is one way to have fun with this. I chant while driving or while walking with my dog - what about you?

  6. The Ink Dark Moon is a moving book of love poems written by Ono no Komachi and Izumi Shikibu (translated by Mariko Aratani and Jane Hirshfield). The authors were court ladies in the 9th and 11th century Japan.

  7. Close relationships - family, friends, partners, lovers - more than money or fame are what keep  people happy during their lives. “The surprising finding is that our relationships and how happy we are in our relationships has a powerful influence on our health ... taking care of your body is important, but tending to your relationships is a form of self-care too. That, I think, is the revelation.”  Harvard Gazette, 2017

  8. What are the seeds - of your thoughts and beliefs - of your skills and gifts - that you plant and nourish in the garden of your life? Both Thich Nhat Hanh and I have some thoughts to share in Seed Bank.

  9. Venus Uncovered: Ancient Goddess of Love is a new program on BBC Four. "Venus Uncovered is the remarkable story of one of antiquity's most potent forces, and more than that. Hers is the story of human desire, and how desire transforms who we are and how we behave." 

  10. From poet Mary Oliver
    • I did think, let's go about this slowly
    • This is important. This should take
    • some really deep thought.
    • We should take
    • small thoughtful steps.

    • But, bless us, we didn't.

  11. Be the Change is a poem & call to action from my dear friend, Redwulf and it resonated with my readers as the most popular Emama Deva post so far. Read it, enjoy it, and take it to heart!
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