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Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much to everyone who has given me feedback on what they do -- and don't! -- find valuable; I love hearing from my readers. It looks like you enjoy the content but want a little bit less of it - so instead of 11 - here are 7 things I thought were worth sharing with you this week:

  1. When Denny Dyke retired and moved from southern California to the Oregon coast, he began spending time walking and meditating on the beach. He started to draw in the sand as he walked along, and then he to design beautiful labyrinths that are eventually washed away by the tides -- but until they're gone, many people now walk with him. A great piece with lovely photos from Mary Jo Dilonardo.

  2. Developing relationships and developing boundaries are skills that go together, hand in glove, as much with our spiritual teachers and guides as with our physical friends, family, and colleagues.

  3. "Well, I think people want to be free—I think people want relief. And I think that religion’s failure is that they’re not talking to people about how to be free. They used to. They’re supposed to. So people want relief from suffering. They want relief from a lack of coherent understanding of the meaning of life. “What am I here for? What am I supposed to be doing? Why is this happening in this way and what do I do about it?” And what we’ve been doing is selling them prayer books, and manuals, and things like that, rather than saying, “You have a divine right to be free and let’s work on that.” A fabulous interview in Emergence Magazine with Buddhist teacher angel Kyodo williams

  4. I wrote about the Strength cardStrength can, of course, mean physical strength; however, we are looking for spiritual resiliency, the capacity to not just withstand the pressures and obstacles in our lives, but to discover ways through the very real challenges of human existence and to flourish despite them.

  5. While we already knew this, science is catching up now on discovering that hiking can actually change your brain for the better. This piece discusses a few of the recent discoveries.

  6. Books I'm reading this week!
    • Horsepower & Medicine, a short story follow up to Charles De Lint's Wind in His Heart
    • A Conspiracy of Stars, a well written and engaging YA novel from Olivia Cole who wrote Panther in the Hive and Rooster's Garden. I can't wait until she has the final book out in that trilogy.
    • Diary of a Psychic by Sonia Choquette about her experiences as a young person learning about her psychic skills.
    • A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe by Michael Schneider on sacred geometry.
    • The Creation of Health by Caroline Myss

  7. On Sunday, I began writing an ongoing series on How to Develop your Psychic Skills and that was my most popular post of the week. If there are a particular skills you're interested in learning, leave me a message in the comment section of the blog.
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Keeping the Lights On

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These three courses from the Shift Network focus on improving your health and well being from a variety of perspectives. You can try out a free webinar and then, if you feel it will be helpful, you can register for the course. The Shift Network does not require any credit card information in order to register for their free webinars.

Awaken Your Rhythm
It's been known since ancient times that drumming produces many healing effects on the body, mind, and spirit. Drumming can decrease stress, induce deep relaxation, help control chronic pain, release negative feelings, ground you in the moment, and boost your immunity. Christine Stevens, author, music therapist, and speaker, will help you discover the powerful healing and spiritual transformation that drumming provides.  RSVP for free here.

Discover 5 Keys to Body Freedom
Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo will show you how to get to the root cause of your health concerns so that your natural potential for true body freedom is finally realized.If you’re ready to address the root causes of adrenal fatigue, autoimmune illnesses, and chronic conditions with key practices that lower stress, increase your joy, and create total well-being, To discover simple (yet powerful and transformative) practices to help you activate vibrant health. Take a look and register for the free event.

Essential Energy Practices for Empaths
Desda Zuckerman will help you discover how to sever useless, unnecessary energetic entanglements so you can free yourself from countless burdens that you didn’t even know you were carrying around.To discover how to take your healing into your own hands… and open yourself to greater clarity, self-expression, and a happier body, register for the free event

20 energy medicine practitioners offer their perspectives and sample tapping sessions. A wonderful opportunity to learn about how to use EFT/tapping in your life. The program beings Monday February 25th – I've already registered for this free, 11-day, online event. Last year’s summit taught me so many new ways to use this form of energy medicine.

The summit is free to everyone who signs up. You will have the option to purchase the summit if you feel inspired to - but you do not need to enter a credit card number and there is no obligation. I watched the summit last year and was able to use tapping (also known as EFT) in a much broader and effective way. 

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