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WTF, 2020? 

I decided to name my company "Do Better" because it is a common refrain from me:
* Narrow sidewalks that can't accommodate wheelchairs or any other mobility supports - do better.
* Finding out that you only reach out to your donors when you are asking for their money - do better.
* Using the term "diversity of thought" regarding your all-white staff - do better.

The term captures both my judgment and my optimism - I know y'all can do better, and some of you certainly can't do worse. I hope that this is a moment where we learn to do better as a nation, to all of our citizens. Doing better is hard, but seriously: the bar is set so low. One of the most comfortable groups on the planet - white Americans - is being asked to be okay with discomfort. There have been very few moments when we have been asked for this, and even fewer when we have granted it. This is scary for some, maybe because we intuitively know what our privilege has cost other people and we don't want to pay those costs ourselves. If that's where you are right now, let me say to you: you can do better and be better than that

Luckily, our sector is full of examples of how to be courageous and lead our communities responsibly. If you are looking for examples, here are a few places to start. I'm sure there are more all around you, just take the time to listen. 

Project and client updates

Our online grantwriting course is still up at Udemy and we are slowly attracting more students. Keep your eyes out for a bonus lesson on how to apply these principles to creative projects.

Prosperity Denver Fund (fka Denver College Success Corporation) gave away $5 million to support Denver kids in college. We helped with the process of alerting the nonprofits that received funding (best part! so fun!) and are working on how to design the reporting process. Tribes, universities, and museums had to reduce staff and administrative functions in light of COVID-19, but as things start to open up again, we are doing more NAGPRA-related consultation scheduling for Bernstein & Associates. At Casa de Paz we are talking more broadly about the importance of cultural competency and keeping our clients and our volunteers safe. And it may seem small, but Colorado Doula Project finally got a PO Box and hey, YOU try doing that during a pandemic. 

Do you need some help with an upcoming project? Get in touch!

New job listings on Feminist Career Coach

President/COO at the Center for Policing Equity (NYC/DC/LA), Managing Director at the Clooney Foundation for Justice (NYC pref), Director of Development and Communications at Fund Texas Choice, Program Officer, Family Security at W.K. Kellogg Foundation (ABQ), Executive Director at Pop Culture Classroom (Denver), Chef Edna Lewis Grants/Scholarships ... [more]
Do Better Consulting recently released our first (FREE) Airtable template, perfect for small organizations that have outgrown a spreadsheet, but not quite ready for an overwhelming database. Want to try it out? Click here and we'll send you the link!
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