Help these Care Leavers rewrite their lives today!
Geeta trained to become a hairdresser after leaving institutional care, but cannot find work during the COVID-19 lockdown.

She needs help for rent and essentials.

Rajaram was employed as a Sales Associate. He hasn’t received any salary since April.

He needs help for rent and essentials.

Eva was enrolled in an Accounting course before the lockdown.

She would like to continue her education online.

Dear AFEC Supporter,

I hope you and your loved ones are safe as we all try to cope with COVID-19!

As of March, before everything shut down in India, 83 youth who had aged out of institutional care were enrolled in AFEC's Launchpad for Adulthood Aftercare program. Thanks to your generous support, we are delighted to be helping these “Achievers” who, with just a little bit of help, are determined to rewrite the course of their lives.

Unfortunately, the AFEC Achievers have been hit really hard by the pandemic. Educational institutions in India shut down, disrupting their career plans. The Achievers who had completed their training and had just started working were either laid off or have not received their salaries.

As hard as the last few months have been for all of us, imagine being 18, with no family support to fall back on, not knowing where money for food and rent is going to come from, or what the future holds.

During the pandemic, AFEC has stepped up with a special program to help these youth with essentials such as food and rent, and enable them to learn and grow using digital learning tools.

We will continue to provide additional support during the pandemic until our Achievers can resume their career plans. We are also aggressively recruiting more young adults to be part of our program as soon as it becomes feasible.

Below are highlights of our program impact so far. Hope you will continue to support us in investing in these young lives. Please do subscribe to our Facebook page to receive updates, and reach out to me with any thoughts or questions. I would love to hear from you.


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AFEC Achievers


Launchpad for Adulthood Aftercare Program

Each youth receives
  • career counseling
  • financia0l support for vocational training or college
  • help with job placement
  • mentoring for another 2 years

Pre-COVID Status


Completed / Employed


Pursuing Course


Dropped out



  • Educational institutions are closed, and salaries are not being paid
  • We are providing support for rent and essentials
  • We are giving out smartphones and upgraded Internet connectivity
  • Achievers are provided subscriptions to apps for Conversational English, Financial Literacy and Computer Literacy, to augment their skills during the lockdown
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Joint work with Catalysts for Social Action, Jan-Apr 2020


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Goals for 2nd Half of 2020


Enroll 50 more Achievers into Launchpad for Adulthood


Provide 100 smartphones and Internet connectivity


Sign up 150 Achievers for Spoken English app Enguru

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