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March 3, 2020  Volume 1: Issue 11

Hello Supporters

The Board of DeKalb Citizens Advocacy Council feels it is important to address a situation that was recently brought to our attention concerning abusive emails and social media communications directed at elected officials, some of which may have been attributed to our organization.  Neither DeKalb Citizens Advocacy Council, nor individual members of our board, are responsible for these communications; nor do we approve of them. 

We do a rigorous job of reviewing and editing all our communications, including our website, media releases, newsletters, and Facebook page, for which we have specific guidelines governing the tone and content of conversations posted there.  Also, by policy, as Chair of DeKalb Citizens Mary Hinkel is the only person authorized to speak publicly on behalf of our organization. 
From the outset, it has been a firmly held policy of DCAC to be respectful, fair and accurate in our communications.  We strongly request that all our supporters to do the same

In addition, since we are entering the campaign season, we want to let you know that it is the policy of DCAC as an organization not to endorse or provide financial support for any candidate for public office.  Any support provided by a DCAC board member is done so solely as an individual, with no attribution to this organization.  DCAC does not support or oppose any elected official or challenger.

2020 Legislative Report Week 5

First, let me share my apologies for two errors in the last legislative report.  We should have labeled the Legislative Report as “Week 4”, not Week 3.  And, since the Ethics legislation would be local legislation, the issue of “crossover day” is moot.  Thank you to our astute readers who corrected me on these matters.  I appreciate it.

Ethics Committee Meeting (02/24/20)

The first committee meeting was held bright and early last Monday morning.  Attending were Reps. Viola Davis, Bee Nguyen, Renitta Shannon, Matthew Wilson.  Discussion focused on scheduling future committee meetings and potential outside speakers to provide information and expert knowledge, and a quick review of the resolutions passed by several cities and the Board of Commissioners, in addition to the bill submitted by Rep. Matthew Wilson.  A decision was made to ask the County Attorney to speak at an upcoming meeting about the County’s proposed changes as well as to submit questions for a written response by the DeKalb Ethics Officer concerning such matters as the procedures and policies for how the office is run day-to-day and the process for filing, handling, hearing and judging a complaint. 
For any questions that you may have about how ethics complaints are processed, we encourage our supporters to visit the Board of Ethics website at
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