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Life Cycle Catalyst #1
January 2020
Could the application of the Life Cycle Approach in public policies boost a more efficient use of natural resources? For us the answer is yes. That's why we are joining forces in the LCA4Regions project. Since the launch in August, we have been working on mapping the strengths and weaknesses of our territories, already identifying good examples of implementation of LCA. We also gathered stakeholders at local level and went on the field to understand the situation in Lithuania.

Every six month the Life Cycle Catalyst will bring you updates on our journey, to share this wonderful adventure with you. As a starter and to make a long story short, we prepared for you a leaflet with everything you need to know about LCA4Regions!

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Project’s buzz

Behind LCA4Regions: Q&A

Do you know who are LCA4Regions partners? What is our project's genesis, its aim? Read the Q&A to know everything about LCA4Regions. Is there still something unclear? We are an interactive project where dialogue is always at the forefront so send us your questions at! It will be published on the website together with our answer!

A picture is worth 1000 words

Here they are: the faces who are behind LCA4Regions, a project made of people willing to put their effort to lessen the environmental through the improvement of regional policies. LCA4Regions means commitment and enthusiasm to reach the project objectives. All together, connecting their expertise across Europe, they are cooperating for 48 months. Come to meet us!

Do you believe in the life cycle approach? Get on board !

Are you a policy maker, managing authority, expert in LCA methodologies, private company, civil society organisation, or just interested in improving environment and resource-efficiency policies? You can play a role in this innovative journey by becoming a LCA4Regions stakeholder.

LCA4Regions got local

LCA4Regions already took its first local steps: regional meetings around Europe took place and the first stakeholders group met. While in Portugal the urgency and the need to overcome specific barriers for the implementation of LC methods was discussed, the Spanish audience got to know a practical case of LC concerning the design of packaging. And in Satakunta, do you know what was on the table?

Let's leave the floor to stakeholders!

Stakeholders play a fundamental role in our project: LCA4Regions aims at engaging and communicating openly with them.

We are pleased to introduce you to Peio Basail. He joined us during our first journey to Lithuania, representing Acciona Energía, a 100% renewable electricity generation company in Spain.

Life cycle toolbox: the expert's eye (episode 1)

Learn more about life cycle! Fritz Balkau, expert of LCA4regions, will share with us his knowledge on LC in a series of articles. Read the first one to get a glimpse of LC thinking for development and the many ways of planning for regional development.

The Life Cycle route, first stop: Lithuania

A Lithuanian perspective on Life Cycle methodologies

Greetings from Kaunas, Lithuania, where we travelled for our first Transnational Learning Journey. This Baltic country is actively involved in LCA4Regions. Read more about the Lithuanian perspective on LC and their expected improvements.

Transnational Learning Journey, what is it all about?

The Transnational Learning Journeys (TLJ) represent the core of LCA4Regions, an opportunity for dialogue between partners and a chance for stakeholders to join the project. There will be 7 TLJ in total. Do you know where?

The adventure is just starting...

After a five-month incubation period, the LCA4Regions partners met in Kaunas, Lithuania. On 15-16 January 2020, the Kaunas University of Technology hosted the project’s  first TLJ under the theme Implementation of LCA in environmental and resource efficiency policies.

Learning and connecting expertise with a peer-to-peer activity

During the first TLJ, partners had the opportunity to assess a methodology to achieve a horizontal exchange of experience and to evaluate each other’s regional policies instruments. This activity led to a more comprehensive knowledge of the different regional experiences on LC and of the status of some of the good practices identified in the different regions.

From theory to practice: Lithuanian case studies

As part of the TLJ, PHD environmental engineering students at KTU introduced two case studies during the workshop “From theory to practice”: Environmental life cycle assessment of electric and conventional vehicles and Environmental impact assessment of renovated multi-apartment building using LCA. They both represent examples of the Lithuanian life cycle methodologies.

From theory to practice: Lithuanian study visits

This TLJ included study visits in the capital of the country, Vilnius. Partners were introduced to SoliTek, a company specialised in solar cells and panels, which aims to optimize the resource-efficiency of their production processes through LC. They also learnt more about Užstato Sistemos Administratorius, the public institution managing the entire deposit refund system for packaging waste.

Reading suggestion

"The first step in managing plastic waste is measuring it"
The Conversation – Environment + Energy, January 2020

LCA4Regions will suggest you some interesting readings on life cycle. Here is an excellent example of regional use of MFA (i.e. materials flow analysis) to tackle an urgent sustainability issue (plastic waste management).

MFA was discussed during the TLJ in the "From theory to practice" workshop.


The LCA4Regions project - Improved Environment and Resource Efficiency through use of Life Cycle Instruments for implementation of regional policies of the European Union - aims at promoting life-cycle based approach in policy instruments thought the introduction of the Life Cycle Assessment methodology.

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