The Charlotte Dads Group is a diverse community of fathers who take an active role in our children’s lives. We've created an online MeetUp group to bring fathers together in the Charlotte Area. We meet with our kids at parks, playgrounds, museums, nature centers, and parent-and-me classes across the city. We felt that there were not enough resources, social groups, or services for dads, so that's what we decided to create! Our group is made up of dads from all walks of life including: stay at home dads, full and part-time working dads, married as well as single parents. Welcome to our community!



The Charlotte Dads Group Newsletter Interviews the founder, Darrell Humphrey

Recently, The Charlotte Dads Group Newsletter was able to sit down (via Zoom) with Darrell Humphrey, a husband and father of 3 who’s also the founder of The Charlotte Dads Group:

Charlotte Dads Group Newsletter: “Hi Darrell, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions about yourself, and about what went into creating The Charlotte Dads Group. I’d like to start off by asking, what year did you found the group?

Darrell Humphrey: “I started the group in the summer of 2015.”

CDGN: “How old were your children when you made that decision?”

DH: “My oldest son, Ethan was 3 at the time. My middle son Owen had just turned 1.”

CDGN: “When and where did you first interact with Matt and Lance of The City Dads Group?”

DH: “I met both Matt and Lance at the National At Home Dad Convention in Raleigh, NC in the spring of 2015.”

CDGN: “Why were you motivated to start a group for dads in the Charlotte area?”

DH: “The group came out of a broken chapter in my life. I had been asked to leave an At Home Moms Group from a neighborhood park, and really felt deflated and defeated as a parent. That feeling ended up fueling my fire to start a group for dads, because I knew if I was having that struggle then others were dealing with it too.”

CDGN: “In your eyes, what has been the biggest success of the group over the past 5 years?”

DH: “For me it’s been not only the amount of dads we have in our group, which is around 800 between MeetUp and Facebook, but also the quality of members. Many of them have become friends that I look forward to having the rest of my life.”

CDGN: “Where do you envision the group heading in the years to come?”

DH: “To quote Michael Jordan, ‘The Ceiling is the Roof!’. Haha! That applies to all of the new avenues we’re branching into for our members and their kids, including our Podcast and this newsletter. As our kids get older, we’re able to branch out into new events like overnight camping trips with dads and their kids. That’s something I’m really excited about!”

CDGN: “Final question, if you could give any advice to members, new and old, what would it be?”

DH: “I would tell them don’t wait to get plugged into the group. Don’t wait for the perfect Dads Night Out of event to come along. Step out of your comfort zone and let Charlotte Dads Group help you become a better father, spouse, and friend.”

Be sure to check out our issue next month for an interview with Matt Schneider and Lance Somerfeld, the founders of The City Dads Group Network.


New (and AWESOME) episodes of The Charlotte Dads Group Podcast

Although we’ve been unable to meet in person over the past few months due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the team behind The Charlotte Dads Group Podcast has been hard at work, via the Zencastr service, creating new and engaging content for our members. Here are some of the latest episodes:

“Sharing your Passions and Hobbies with your children”

“Highlighting the Queen City feat. CDG member Tony Frantilla”

“Handling the Lockdown as a couple feat. Our Wives!”

“Learning from the Lockdown feat. Our Wives again!”

Looking ahead: Father’s Eve 2020 event & Father’s Day

One of our biggest events of the year is the annual celebration of Father’s Eve, which occurs on the Saturday before Father’s Day. Due to safety concerns, this year’s event will be held entirely online. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t and won’t be a celebration of dads around the city and country. Join us on Saturday, June 20th at 7:30 Pm EST. If you can’t make the full event, be sure not to miss the annual toast with dads across the country at 8 Pm EST. Make sure to check out our MeetUp and Facebook pages in the coming weeks for the digital link!

In the meantime, here's a special treat for all Charlotte Dads Group Newsletter subscribers, check out our interview with Father’s Eve founder John Francis here, 2 weeks before the episode is available to the public!

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