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April 2020 Issue - COVID-19 Update Edition & More

Dear PCSO members,
You are now well into your mandated office closures and quarantines, and we can only hope that the light at the end of this tunnel will be visible sooner than later. We continue to work to find ways to help you during this time of uncertainty. The efforts of your PCSO board, committees, and task forces persist to support you and the organization. To that end, we have a collection of resources available at It is critical that you continue to monitor your state/territory health departments and dental boards for guidance as it pertains specifically to you and your practice. (Links to these can be found on the PCSO website.)
The AAO has also cultivated resources to support members as it relates to practice management and patient experience that can be found at These are updated regularly. The AAO has been vocal in defining emergency orthodontic care to include care that will relieve pain and/or infection, is trauma-related, or is critically necessary to prevent harm to the patient. The AAO also intends to shape orthodontic-specific guidelines post COVID-19 as it is anticipated that regulatory agencies will seek to impose new restrictions on medical practices.
Please reach out if you have any questions or suggestions. We wish all of our members health and safety during this unprecedented time.
PCSO Webinar: Facts Not Fear | Discover what parents and dentists are really thinking about dentistry once the world awakens
Time: Apr 21, 2020 9:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

In the last few weeks, my team and I have worked one-on-one with hundreds of dentists and orthodontists like you to help them weather this storm. In addition, we have collected survey data from thousands in your profession and from hundreds of dental patients. In this webinar, we will share this data to continue to support you in forging a stronger future for your practice, in 2020 and beyond.

The Course Will Help You:

  1. Use real-time survey data gathered from dental patients (about intentions for seeing the dentist this year, concerns about safety at the dental office and new perspectives on paying dental bills) to make great decisions about future communications
  2. Understand how to forecast timing for reopening preparations based upon CDC data as well as real-time survey data gathered from dentists themselves
  3. Learn to launch fresh marketing communications that speak to patients’ new demands, keep them glued to the practice and help the practice grow

Register for the webinar at

Then take the survey at
Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions
The American Dental Association (ADA) has an FAQ list with answers here. Some of the questions include:
  1. What should employee dentists do when their employer refuses to close offices per ADA or state guidance?
  2. I’ve seen a lot of information about managing patient exposures: what should we do if there’s a case of potential or actual employee exposure?
  3. What is business interruption insurance and can it help cover this risk?
  4. I have never provided an evaluation virtually, but I understand that it might be a helpful way for my patients to access my care without making come into my office unnecessarily. How would I start incorporating this into my practice?
  5. Do I need to do anything special regarding informed consent if I’m treating patients who present with emergency/urgent care needs during the COVID-19 pandemic?
The AAO has also put together a list of frequently asked questions which you can view here.
Guidance for unemployment for team and financial resources
The PCSO has collected some additional information for you in this time of turmoil as it relates specifically to your employees. If you find yourself having to temporarily lay off employees or decrease hours due to the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. government is allowing states to expand eligibility for unemployment benefits. To view unemployment and other financial resources, visit
PCSO Trustee to the AAO Board of Trustees to be selected in 2020

The PCSO is looking for a representative to join the American Association of Orthodontists Board of Trustees. The term would officially begin in May, 2021. All qualified members are encouraged to apply.

Every eight years the AAO House of Delegates will elect a new PCSO Trustee.

For more information, click here or contact Callie Castro, PCSO Executive Director.

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists and Rocky Mountain Society of Orthodontists Merger Task Force Plan

The PCSO and RMSO have agreed to work together to better serve our members, our profession, and our societies. This includes:

  1. Sharing all continuing education (CE) activities for the foreseeable future.
  2. Maintaining close communication between the societies by auditing board meetings via assigned board liaisons.
  3. Sharing of non-profit resources, including volunteer and leadership development resources.
  4. Taking steps toward a merger and creation of a new joint society, IF AND WHEN, it is found to be beneficial to both the PCSO and RMSO. 

So, what does this mean for you as a member of the PCSO or RMSO?

  1. All CE events are planned by a group that includes PCSO and RMSO input and will be available to every PCSO and RMSO member at the member rate.
  2. Governance and leadership of both societies remain separate and independent.
  3. As such, membership dues will still be determined by and paid to your respective society.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our joint annual sessions in the future, rebranded as the Western Orthodontic Conference.

  • 2020: October 22-25, Disneyland Hotel | Anaheim, CA
  • 2021: October 21-24, Oregon Convention Center | Portland, OR
  • 2022: October 27-30, Manchester Grand Hyatt | San Diego, CA

Your Merger Task Force,
Kamrin Olfert, Chair (PCSO)
Robert Meister (PCSO)
Thomas Merrill (PCSO)
Ryan Frost (RMSO)
Christian Kenworthy (RMSO)
Layne McCord (RMSO)

Western Orthodontic Conference | October 22-25, 2020
Join us in Anaheim, California, as we gather for the 1st annual Western Orthodontic Conference (WOC), a joint meeting of the PCSO and RMSO. With nearly 200 years of experience behind us collectively—RMSO celebrates their 100th anniversary and PCSO their 84th annual session this year—this event is sure to be nothing short of magical.

Learn more about the event at
2019 Annual Session Galleries
The 2019 Annual Session gallery is now open! View and download images from the Annual Session at
PCSO Annual Sessions

October 22 - 25, 2020
Disneyland Hotel
Anaheim, CA​

October 21 - 24, 2021
Oregon Convention Center
Portland, OR

October 27 - 30, 2022
Manchester Grand Hyatt
San Diego, CA
New Book Announcement
Dr. Jae Park's new book, Temporary Anchorage Devices in Clinical Orthodontics, has just been published. It is composed of 808 pages in 69 chapters, written by 113 contributors. He thanks each of the esteemed contributors who helped him make this a reality as well as Dr. Buzz Behrents who wrote a beautiful foreword for the book. 
For those planning to take the ABO Scenario-based exam, Dr. Park would recommend Drs. Tadlock and Buschang's contribution (Chapter 14) which covers the exam and includes a well-treated case. You can find the eBook, oBook, and information about the printed version at the following website:
He hopes that this publication will add a wealth of knowledge to our profession and thus help us to improve the product we deliver to our patients.
The Winter 2019 PCSO Bulletin is now available online! 
View the full issue here
Faculty Files - An Interview With Dr. Jahnavi Rao
Dr. Prashanti Bollu, Henderson, NV
Prashanti Bollu (PB): Being primarily a private practitioner, you prefer to stay involved with research. Why do you believe a clinician should be involved in research and what type of research are you doing?

Jahnavi Rao (JR): One of my clinical responsibilities is to support evidence-based clinical practices that help my patients. Keeping this commitment in mind, I continue to stay involved with research. 

Read the full article
Staff Report: MAGIC: Mastering a Great Initial Call
How many times have you essentially been asked on a new patient phone call, “Do you have a magic wand?” Some parents and patients want to streamline the decision-making process and find out why they should choose you without having to come into your office for an appointment. Trust me, this happens, and it’s best to be prepared for it. However, there is no singular answer. Your “magic wand” should be a compilation of qualities and actions that, when put together, are what make your office so great!

Read the full article

Idaho Bill Protecting Patients from DIY Vetoed by Governor

Idaho Senate Bill 1295 was recently brought to Legislature to address the issue of do-it-yourself orthodontic treatment approaches that do not require an in-person visit and leave patients at risk for complications. Idaho orthodontists had worked diligently to get the bill passed but ultimately the governor vetoed it at the last minute.

Bill 1295 had three very basic requirements:

1) Prior to providing any teledentistry services, a dentist must provide the patient with his name contact information

2) They cannot directly or through the use of telehealth perform orthodontics without an in-person exam and review of the patient’s most recent X-rays. Or, a review of the patient’s records from an in-person comprehensive oral examination conducted within the prior six months by a licensed dentist and review of the patient’s most recent X-rays

3) Company cannot require a patient to sign an agreement limiting their rights to file a complaint with the board or sue for poor results.

You can read the full bill here.

Want to follow the latest updates on direct-to-consumer orthodontics? Visit the AAO Advocacy page here. 
AAO webinars and CE library access
The AAO is providing free COVID-19 webinars for members on urgent topics. In addition, to enhance skills during any downtime you may have, the AAO is offering complimentary access to their entire online CE library. Access AAO's online recorded lecture series at The online CE library offers convenient, 24/7 access to over 500 hours of CE for you and your team.
Upcoming AAO Webinars 
April 20 (Business): How to Engage Your Employees and Power Through a Crisis as a Team 
April 24 (Business & Staff): Don't Wait! 5 Actions to Perfect Your Inventory Management During Patient Downtime
April 28 (COVID-19): COVID-19 PART 2: Shaping the Business of Orthodontics Today, Tomorrow and Years to Come
May 2-3 (Virtual Conference): 2020 Annual Session Virtual Conference

View the full schedule of upcoming webinars at

See what fellow AAO orthodontists are doing during COVID-19

Orthodontists worldwide face uncertainty with Coronavirus and what it means to them, their practices, and their patients. Despite navigating through unprecedented times, they are giving back to their communities and making a difference. Take a look at some of the creative things your AAO colleagues are up to.
Because of COVID-19, the AAO lecture will be performed virtually this year. It will be held on May 2-3. Dr. Park's lecture will be on May 3 (Sunday), from 1:15 - 2:15 pm (CT). He will be the only Clinical Section Speaker from the PCSO.

This year his lecture title is "Vertical Control with TADs: Etiology and Treatment Modalities of Anterior Open Bite and Relapse" which can be viewed here. Congratulations, Dr. Park!!!
ABO Clinical Examination Certifications and Recertifications
We have 36 exam candidates who passed the last February ABO scenario-based oral clinical examination as well as received certification renewals.
Congratulations to the following PCSO members who were certified or recertified:
New certifications:
Sharifa Alebrahim, Daniel Areepong, Theresa Baldwin, Lisamarie Brazeau, Lena Buckendorf, Alexandra Chamberlain, Doyon Chung, Steven Clawson, Joel Gardner, Jeremy Haines, Piyush Heda, Yoon-Young Heo, Tiffany Hudson, Aaron Ivanhoe, Marcus Kai, Sharon Kim, Tae Kwon, Clarice Law Eyre, David Lee, Janice Lee, Peter Lee, Skyler Liatti, Mhd Hazem Makhsida, Brandon Martin, Matias Navarrete Grimminck, Stephen Rheem, Shruti Shastry, Sandra Tai, Samuel Tam, Jeffrey Tinloy, Shannon Woods.
Nahal Ashouri, Kevin Badii, Douglas Hom, Henry Nguyen, Thomas Nguyen
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