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“People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.”

John C. Maxwell
Governance & Board Development  ••• 
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Every nonprofit organization needs a strong board of directors. In addition to passion, every board member needs the tools to be strategic and informed to be effective! Read on to learn more about this month’s focus on Governance & Board Development.

Governance & Board Development. A nonprofit’s board of directors is responsible for developing, defining and reviewing the organization’s mission and for providing overall leadership and strategic direction to the organization. Boards are not owners of the organization but are stewards of the organization’s mission and resources. Each nonprofit board should actively set policy and ensure that the organization has adequate resources to carry out its mission, provide direct oversight and direction for the executive director and the organization as a whole, and evaluate its own effectiveness as a governing body, as a group of volunteers and as representatives of the community in upholding the public interest served by the organization. 

Read on to learn more about this month’s focus, Governance & Board Development, based on Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence.

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For fun, give this Governance & Board Development Word Scramble a shot!

An Insightful Look from Barry Silverberg

Rebecca Hancock Powers founded Impact Austin to honor her brother’s memory. The path she then followed achieved that in ways she had not foreseen. Nor had she projected the seismic change in her own life that resulted from her dream and the hard work of her colleagues, the Kitchen Table Six.
I was privileged to offer some guidance at the outset. I was skeptical that Rebecca and her colleagues could achieve their vision.  They quickly converted me. Today, I count my small role in their development a highlight of my professional career in Austin.
Trust Your Cape: How Women Find Their Power in Giving Back is the superb story of Rebecca’s journey and her hard-earned lessons about leadership. All who assume leadership roles in the nonprofit arena will empathize, commiserate, and learn from Rebecca’s story.
Completing an advance copy of the book, I enthusiastically wrote Rebecca:
“Powerful. Honest. Sensitive. Authentic. I loved it. It is humanity par excellence offering insight on the making of a real leader - especially the complications and challenges of balancing family and philanthropic passion. I loved the heart that jumped from every page. It is a great book for which you should be very proud.”
Every supporter of Impact Austin should also be proud. Over 2000 women have been involved in philanthropy since 2003 because of it.
It is all due to one woman’s vision and tenacity.

Watch this clip from Rebecca's recent appearance on Civil Society where she shares some of the lessons she's learned throughout her life and offers what she hopes readers will take away by reading her book!
Rebecca Powers Video Clip
Holly Raymond

Holly Raymond - Featured Faculty & Alumni

The warm smile immediately engages you. Your immediate impression is that you are meeting with a people person; someone whose passion in life’s mission is to use her talents and hard-earned competencies to help other people.

You are in the presence of Holly Raymond, Senior Vice President of Finance and Support Services of Upbring. She is also one of our most appreciated faculty within our Certificate in Nonprofit Financial Management.


Holly’s personal warmth and professional expertise, engage the Certificate participants as they grapple with important concepts and practices of nonprofit financial management. She modestly conveys the professional confidence that comes from directing finance, facilities, budget and procurement, information technology, and human resources at Upbring works to increase child wellness, vitality, and safety.


Her career within nonprofits was preceded by working for two outstanding accounting firms – Maxwell Locke & Ritter and Ernst & Young. Her nonprofit service includes working as Chief Financial Officer, Common Threads, and Vice President of Finances and Operations, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas.


Holly’s compassion reflects itself in her teaching and in her busy schedule of volunteer activities. She is easy to learn from as she treats each participant with kindness and a deep appreciation for their individual role within the nonprofit community.


Nonprofit Austin and all who encounter Holly as one of our faculty are the beneficiaries of her passion for helping others. Her authenticity and her competence are self-evident. And it becomes clear once you experience that warm smile. 

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Board Leadership - The Series
June 9, 16, 23 & 30 | 12 – 1:30 PM
Wendy Biro-Pollard
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Presenting Interactively: Using Zoom to Connect
June 22 & 29 | 12 – 2 PM
Lacy Alana
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Weekly Experiential Self-Care for Nonprofit Practitioners
Wednesdays June 23 - August 11 |  1 -2 PM
Lacy Alana
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Humor and insights straight from the personal files of
Barry Silverberg
"Good leaders are similar to good employers.  In both cases, we are seeking the full engagement of "our people" who must be certain we care about them as unique and sacred individuals."
– Barry Silverberg,  
The Great Philosophizer
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