On March 27, the House unanimously passed and President signed into law the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, a $2 trillion economic stimulus law intended to provide immediate relief for individuals, nonprofits, businesses, and state and local governments. The CARES Act is the third law enacted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In and amongst the law's provisions, the CARES Act defined a number of programs that charitable nonprofits will be eligible to apply for. The National Council of Nonprofits has created and shared an excellent breakdown and chart that provides information on those loan options, eligibility criteria, terms, and application information. While this chart provides neither financial nor legal advice for any specific organization, it does offer a great analysis of the new law before any rules or regulations. We encourage interested nonprofits to learn more about these loans to see if they might provide financial relief for your organization during these challenging times.
A youth was questioning a lonely old man. "What is life's heaviest burden?" he asked. The old fellow answered sadly, "To have nothing to carry."
How fortunate we are in the nonprofit arena. We have much to carry, many to help, and so much to do. We have a noble purpose and kind and caring colleagues. We make a significant difference in many lives -- including most important of all, our families and friends.
Today we are all hurting. We are all anxious. We are all feeling the constraints of sheltering in place and conscious of those far less fortunate who may not have such shelters or whose life challenges are exacerbated by COVID-19.
What then is our greatest priority? It may be counter-intuitive, but I believe our greatest priority is maintaining our own spirits and mental health. Without our personal drives to do good, little will happen.
There is an old story about God discussing with His angels where he should place the secret of life so that it would be most difficult to find. One suggested the bowels of the earth, another the bottom of the sea, a third the highest mountain. A fourth angel objected: "Men will eventually search out all these places," he said. "The only place is within man himself. He will never dream of looking there."
Look into yourself. Fear
not the angst and anxiety every one of us feels. Share your feelings and your lessons learned of what helps you through these uncertain days. Take advantage of our zoom discussions on self-care, humor, and other topics that are essential to our individual well-being.  
Without individual well-being, there is no organizational or societal well-being. After all, organizations are not separate from their people.
Here at the Center for Nonprofit Studies, we changed our way of doing business. Our sole focus is on serving the nonprofit workforce. That means serving individuals and organizations, but primarily individuals.

Please take the very brief survey below. It is one question: What can CNS/Nonprofit Austin do to be of immediate help to you and your organization? We will compile and share the results in our next newsletter. And, we will be guided and implement what we can. 

Stay safe and healthy, never forgetting, "this too shall pass."


Barry Silverberg
Upcoming Learning Opportunities
Make plans to attend one of the many FREE online offerings from Nonprofit Austin during the month of April!

As a leading provider of nonprofit workforce and career development for Central Texas, we invite you and your organization to be part of our "community of learning" through the learning opportunities below, all of which are aimed at strengthening nonprofit practitioners during these extraordinary times.

As a non-profit you rely on donors and sponsors. You must maintain existing donor relationships as well as establish new ones if they are to be successful. But in order for someone to become interested in your cause, they first need to know about you.

This course is designed to help you expand your circle of influence. Having strong, healthy relationships is a vital part of every organization’s success. Let’s face it, your network = your net worth, but the key is looking past relationships as merely transactional and taking the time and respect to develop meaningful relationships.

Led by Kymberli Speight, CPCC, MPBS, ACRW

APRIL 20 | 9 - 10:30 AM

Learn how to write a successful grant to support any type of initiative! This session will be especially helpful for those seeking financial support for scientific, social, educational, and environmental programs.

Intended primarily for beginners and novices, topics covered will include grant research, the different types of grantors (government, private, corporate), planning and executing a grant proposal, getting help, evaluation, and many tips and best practices for success. A question and answer session at the end will help participants leave with specific advice for future grant-writing endeavors.

Led by Facilitated by Brent Lyles, Principal of Chicken Hill Solutions, a nonprofit consulting firm.​

APRIL 21 | 9 - 12 PM

Ongoing Learning Series
In need of a comprehensive index of curated resources and analyses from national, state, and local sources? Look no further than this index we have put together for our community of learning! This ongoing and actively updated index offers reliable, pragmatic, and actionable information during this challenging time. Please send additional resources to:
Excerpted from The New Yorker
A man attending his 20th class reunion stopped in to see one of his old professors. While chatting about old times, he idly picked up an exam on the professor’s desk and looked at it. "This is surprising," he said. "Many of the questions on this paper are the same ones I had in my final exam twenty years ago. I would have thought they'd be different now." "No," said the professor, "the questions change very little over the years. It's the answers that change."
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