Nonprofit Austin at ACC has TONS of incredible resources and workshops that you can sign up for through their website. Workshops hosted by Lacy Alana are highly interactive and are where we have learned a lot of the interactive activities, we have adapted for our learning spaces.
Sarah Sanders
Harnessing the Power of Organizational Storytelling Part 2 | February 9th 12 – 1 PM
The Story Spine: Structure for Creating Powerful Personal and Professional Narratives.
Lacy Alana
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Civil Society | February 11th: 10:00 – 11 AM
The Indian American Experience.
Barry Silverberg & Meeta Kothare
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Conflict Management | February 11th: 12:00 - 1:30 PM
Gain an understanding of the nature of conflict and methods for turning everyday conflicts into opportunities for cooperation.
Dr. Garry McDaniel
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Harnessing the Power of Organizational Storytelling Part 3 | February 16th 12 – 1 PM
Using Storytelling at Your Workplace to Effect Change.
Lacy Alana
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Civil Society | February 18th: 10:00 – 11 AM
Advocating for Asian American Seniors
Barry Silverberg & Shubhada Saxena
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Executive Presence Part I | February 17th: 12:00 - 1:30 PM
Develop your credibility with a unique warm, strong, & valuable leadership presence.
Alice Mar Rocher
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See the full schedule here and watch for updates next week!
Executive Presence Series
What does it mean to have an “executive presence?” The answer to this question varies depending on which expert you ask, but we believe it boils down to leaders making great impressions, having keen self and other-awareness, demonstrating emotional intelligence, building strong relationships, and maximizing your influence for high impact.
Knowing these points is one thing. Putting them into practice is a whole other ballgame!

Build your leadership presence in a special four-part series, lead by Alice Mar Rocher, Founder of Mea Crescendo. Whether you’re looking to further develop your credibility as a leader, gain greater awareness of yourself or others’ thoughts and actions, or are seeking to maximize your influence for stronger collaboration or organizational impact – this is not a series you’re going to want to miss! Register here
Conflict Management Class with Dr. Garry McDaniel
Sometimes we just don't get along. Disagreements are bound to happen both in our personal and professional lives, but there are healthy actions we can take when we find ourselves at odds with one another.

We invite you to join us for a special workshop THIS THURSDAY, "Conflict Management with Dr. Garry McDaniel." Dr. McDaniel is an award-winning professor who teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in business management. He's also a gifted author and speaker who has connected with audiences around the world covering topics such as leadership strategy and development, conflict management, employee engagement, personal and organizational change, and life balance.

We're thrilled Dr. McDaniel will be sharing his knowledge with us VIRTUALLY this week.
Let's learn how we can communicate our differences more effectively and gain a new perspective on how we view and address the conflicts in our lives! Register here.
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