People who don't take risks generally make about two big mistakes a year. People who do take risks generally make about two big mistakes a year.

--Peter Drucker

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Risk Management.  Our overarching theme this month is risk management. We are affiliates of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center and they are who we rely on for all things Risk Management. As a Nonprofit Austin newsletter subscriber, you can enjoy the benefits of our affiliate membership! Check out Nonprofit Risk Management's website and email us if you would like to get our affiliate rates.  

Read on to learn more about this Risk Management, based on Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence.

Kate Tolliver
Kate Tolliver!
Ancient wisdom teaches us that there are 3 types of "doers. Those who say "I shall do it soon" - their character is poor.  Those who say “I am ready to do it" – their character is average. 
Those who say “I am doing it" - their character is praiseworthy. And then there are those who say “It is done” – they are treasures to cherish.

Witness our Center in March 2019. We could no longer hold our face-to-face classes. As an entity that takes pride in metaphorically putting our arms around the shoulders of our colleagues to walk together and to learn and improve together, we were at a loss. But not for long. Kate Tolliver, then Center Coordinator, spearheaded our deep dive into virtual learning. With Anh Pham, our Webmaster and Administrative Assistant as her partner, Kate created the most successful and attended learning opportunities in our 22 years.
Together, she and I realized that the turbulent and uncertain times required personal and professional self-care, even above professional competency. She took that idea and built our program. In one year, the number of our learning opportunities, increased 523% to over 160; registrants increased 1019% to over 4000; our instruction hours increased 75% to over 200; and our contact hours increased 358% to over 5200. Exceptional success by any measure.
Yes, as Center Director, I had some hand in all of it. But the lion’s share of innovative ideas and the preponderance of implementation rested with Kate.
Competence aside, Kate’s empathy, compassion, and passion for all who are engaged in our nonprofit arena, and for the monumental work of our nonprofit practitioners and sector, make her an invaluable counselor and partner as Nonprofit Austin readies itself for significant new ventures in the coming months. (Watch for an announcement soon.)
All who interact with Kate know that all I have said above is understatement. She is a colleague and partner par excellence.
Join me in congratulating her in her new role of Manager, Nonprofit Austin – Center for Nonprofit Studies. Watch with me as she continues to help move us forward to meet the expanding workforce development needs of our nonprofit community.
Barry Silverberg
Director, Nonprofit Austin – Center for Nonprofit Studies


In mid-October, we launch our search to fill the Coordinator role Kate has vacated. If you are interested in joining our small but bold team, check out the job description at:  and apply via when the search goes live on October 19th.
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October 28 | 12 – 1:30 PM
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